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May 16 2011 at 2:42 AM

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Von Klumpen

Response to Commidities

as I see it, is not a real issue. Oil shortage is not an issue either. The problem is, both money and oil are "owned" by the same outfit -the banks!

Realistically, money has no value aside from the promise it carries. Fiat money -which is currently being used- hasn't even got a commodity backing value; it's created out of thin air.

But even IF money is backed by a solid commodity like gold, the gold itself has no value unless it's being used for something like filling teeth or making contacts for electronic devices.

Suppose that ... the international master bank had quietly bought up all the gold in the world with fiat currency and has it stashed somewhere in a vault in Switzerland ... just suppose ...

Would that mean the world would have to stop running? No, of course not. The world would have to find some other commodity to back currency -(if a currency needs backing)- or .... simply start printing some other fiat currency to start up economies again. Since money NOW is backed by nothing, there's no reason why an alternate currency couldn't be printed, backed by "nothing" as well.

In truth, the world economic "crisis" is entirely artificial. As long as the sun shines, the rain comes and there is land to grow stuff on, no one needs to starve. As long as there are natural resources, countries can manufacture goods.

So what IS the BIG PROBLEM?

The problem seems to be "owing" something artificial to "someone" which countries no longer have any chance of ever paying back. And so what will happen? This "someone" will simply take control of all assets in all countries.

The "someone" is the world master bank. Money is no problem for them because they have piles of it. They will continue to use and finance military operations as long as they like ... with their "nothing" money.

That's why the U.S. military will keep thriving and getting paid well. It has the most sophisticated equipment and technology in the world and it will keep being used as the world bully, as long as the world bank sees fit.

The military personnel could be a problem if people quit enlisting but that's not likely to happen because the military would just keep offering more until they GET their "volunteers."

The whole system is like one gigantic gambling casino. It's like a casino where people go to gamble but the casino doesn't let them gamble themselves. Instead, it takes the peoples' money and gambles it FOR THEM! Gradually, the casino has sucked everyone dry and then they kill all the gamblers for not paying their "debts."

Who benefits from that? If the people CAN'T pay their debts, the casino gains nothing more by killing them!~

Same thing with the banks. If countries just told them to go to hell ... DIDN'T bother to pay back all of the "debt" owed to the banks and started their own economies and their own currencies ... what could the banks DO about it?

They'd try to use the military to "punish" the debtors, of course ... but if ALL countries did it at the same time, the big banking boyze would simply, humbly ... have to start over again ... if they want to stay in the game.


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