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June 16 2011 at 3:50 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to HOW do you see this, Prev, Vince?

I would say that she got so heavily obsessed with the energy beam theory, she "forgot" to check her findings against known physical laws and against her KNOWLEDGE of physics.

Realistically though, even that would be impossible. She exhibits absolutely NO knowledge of physics in that interview. That leaves only three possibilities in my opinion:

1) She's lost her mind ... forgotten everything she ever learned to BECOME a Dr. of physics. She may be in advanced stages of dementia or Alzheimer's.

2) She's somehow managed to fool a lot of people and has absolutely NO training in physics.

3) She's been bought, to produce misinformation ... and she's utterly terrible at doing it. It may have cracked her mind.

The thing is ... if people can be convinced that an energy beam was used, it becomes impossible to pin the blame on anyone, doesn't it? Maybe a satellite was utilized ... but whose satellite? Since America doesn't have such technology, it would have to be some other country. It becomes so severely vague, everyone forgets about finding criminals and becomes mesmerized by this unknown technology.

I suspect it might be a mix of both ... she's crazy and that's why she lost her job ... and ... she's been hired/being paid to promote her stuff to create more confusion. Every bit of confusion helps the crooks and buys more time. She may be believing some of her own stuff but her body language in that interview strongly suggests that she KNOWS she's lying too ... and it makes her VERY "uncomfortable."

I still wonder why the vehicles on FDR were moved there ... and how FAST they were moved there .... who did it and who gave the orders? I suspect they were found in places where there shouldn't have been any damage to them -like on Vesey Street- where underground explosions (probably) came up through the concrete "ground level" and set off gas tank explosions. (Remember the entire WTC site had about 6 underground concrete floor levels and that ground level was just a concrete slab as well).

[linked image]

Referring to the above diagram, WTC7 is at the north end. The purple arrow indicates the first plane coming in to hit the north tower on the north side at about the 92nd floor. When the top fell on the north tower, it toppled to the south (yellow arrow) - to the opposite side of the strike (very odd). BUT ... a very large HOLE was also mysteriously created in WTC 6, between WTC 7 and the north tower! (orange dotted on WTC 6)

The second plane hit WTC 2 -south tower- at an angel from the south side (blue arrow), with some of the plane coming through the north east corner of the building. When the top of WTC 2 fell, it fell over in the direction of the yellow arrow ... to the east, northeast.

Although the falling top of WTC 2 was obscured by smoke/dust and disintegrated in mid air so that it appeared to fall straight down ... it actually didn't. Very careful examination of WTC 2 collapse videos shows a huge amount of disintegrated top falling over to the east side .... and this debris dumped on top of WTC 4 and also out onto Church street. (dotted orange area).

The burned police car is shown on Church street ... before being (later) found on FDR drive.

Keep in mind that the tops falling didn't do the majority of damage; the major damage was caused by the explosions of floors going down consecutively, blowing the walls out sideways. The Marriot hotel, for instance was literally cut in half by the south tower explosions and WTC 4 was also almost obliterated.

The HOLE in WTC 6 is inexplicable though ... excepting a separate demolition explosion in THAT building.

[linked image]

Which leaves .... WTC 7 ...

There is absolutely no plausible explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 aside from that building having been pre-mined with explosives and then brought down hours later, all by itself.


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