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One thing is sure to me

June 17 2011 at 1:34 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to Wood has her critics and her ‘fans’...

Judy Wood is a complete flake. Maybe not quite fake (because she may actually believe in herself) ... but flake. She's clearly out of her element when it comes to actual physics ... you could see it in that interview. She projects her faults onto others. She accused Jenkins of switching topics when SHE was the one doing it. She accused Stephen Jones of doctoring pictures when she does it herself. She claims the cars on FDR drive were hit with some energy beam when (she SHOULD HAVE KNOWN) that they were moved there to get them out of the way from the narrow streets around the WTC complex.

She misrepresents, exaggerates, fabricates ... anything at all ... if it will bolster her "theory."

She evidently doesn't understand technical terminology and makes up names for things she sees. She calls the outer wall sections "wheat checks" ... the descending rubble clouds "snowballs" ... the grind-up of concrete "dustification." No true physicist would need to resort to such tactics. Sure, a doctor of physics might use simple terminology in order to explain concepts to laymen and children but ... would ALSO be completely convertible to speaking in scientific jargon when addressed by a fellow academic.

Jenkins kept waiting for ... any SIGN of "life" from her insofar as her theory of energy beams goes ... and got progressively more frustrated until he reached up and started "pulling" his hair .... literally. That was also my own independent reaction when trying to get to the bottom of her theory by studying her website: there was NOTHING THERE!! I thought I must be missing something but ... she never provided anything!~~

If you want to check out another angle/another possibility ... check out this page.

Look at former students' reactions .... wrote so tiny on the board, you couldn't read it. (speaks of trying to cover inadequacies). Was abusive to students who asked questions. (again ... to cover inadequacies). Was tardy and disorganized but demanded quite the opposite from her subjects. (Much like my wife).

Could she possibly BE a CIA Manchurian candidate? I think the possibility exists. Was she in a coma for 6 years? I wouldn't doubt it.

Nope, I give this woman no more credence than Nucc or Y/Z. Nothing new there; move along!~~

I've been in contact with Christopher Bollyn some, by email and he wrote, "I
don't know if you know but I was introduced to this theory (Judy Wood's) by a former Stasi agent who had worked with Mossad. That was back in late 2001."

Back in 2001 already?!

See, they may have PURPOSELY planted a number of distractions into the 9/11 coup to give themselves plausible deniability in the event of discovery (which was almost SURE to happen to "some" extent in the aftermath).

Another odd occurrence -related to me by Bollyn- was the placement of a relatively large number of "UPS's" (uninterruptable power supplys) in one computer room which .... were never hooked up or used.

He wrote, "I think the molten iron that fell from the South Tower probably came from the thermite that had been placed in the computer room disguised as back-up batteries (the ones that were never turned on).
The amount of molten iron seen falling would have weighed many tons (something like 8.5 tons per cubic meter for iron) so I think that those heavy battery racks contained a large amount of thermite."

I wrote back and stated that I didn't think they would be thermite because thermite is made up of iron oxide (brown or black iron rust) ... and aluminum powder. Aluminum is very light and iron oxide is certainly much lighter than lead too. Boxes full of thermite wouldn't nearly match the weight of lead acid batteries in UPS packs.

Then I jokingly said that only uranium or derivatives thereof -or gold ... would come close to simulating the weight of lead acid batteries and ... that NO uranium had been found in the dust, to my knowledge.

Well now .... when I'm re-listening to that interview between Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura, Jones said that radiation was "off the charts" around the WTC! LOL.

No, there was NO NUCLEAR EXPLOSION at the WTC towers and no ... I don't REALLY think they would have put boxes of depleted uranium (DU) into that computer room (on second thought) ... but ...

They MAY have lined the wing edges of the planes with DU to make sure they'd punch through the walls. It's always mystified me how that second plane just seemed to "melt" into the wall. At LEAST the wings .... should have piled up against the walls to some extent ... instead of gliding right through VERY STRONG and thick external steel columns. There was absolutely no sign of clumped material falling off the walls when that plane hit ... and that's rather surreal and unnatural. But if they used goodly doses of DU in the wing edges and in the nose ... maybe THAT's why it sank through so smoothly?

If they used uranium ... then they WOULD have found a substantial amount of radiation (alpha) in the dust.


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