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Re: What if ... what we "know" was chosen to deceive?

April 6 2012 at 1:56 AM
Seoc Colla  (no login)

Response to What if ... what we "know" was chosen to deceive?

I'd agree. Those in a position of influence manipulate whatever they can, to perpetuate their gravy train, to keep in in the station for as long as possible.

However these contrivances require to operate in twos, at least.

This employs a natural law (duality) to bolster the appearance of truth. Religion has over-egged their pudding and are leaving after centuries of elabourate cons. Monarchies are virtually gone apart from the odd one. The nobility never took hold in America, but are an unnecessary expense elsewhere.

The 'good cop v bad cop' thing serves to confuse and diffuse oppositition.
We get two bad cops all over the place but no one points to them. Crime can be 'amplified' to suit the cash available.
American politics are a classic example of duality at work. Millions of disparate people in terms on culture, nationality, cultures, religion - of course - and a range of political outlooks, all boil down to Blue or Red.

Aye, right!

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