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Oh, you're quite right

April 16 2012 at 4:26 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to Sigh

About corporations caring only for money ... and that "it's all about money". It is; it's ALL about money.

The structure is laid out like a pyramid ... with the elite sitting near the top as the "eye" of the pyramid and controlling all "layers" beneath them through money influence. You can check it out by looking at an American dollar bill. The Federal Reserve/international banking cartel pyramid icon/logo is stamped right onto the dollar bill. It wouldn't be there for no known reason. Think about why it's there and what it could possibly indicate. It's not American; it's private Federal Reserve issuance.

Money is the "god" of our modern commerce system. Not goods, services, resources or hard assets but .... MONEY. It's become an entity unto itself. How is it proposed that our economic problems be solved: through increasing jobs, goods, infrastructure, wages etc. ... or by manipulating the money distribution? Why, the latter, of course! It's like throwing MONEY around and moving it to the right places will magically solve everything!~

The reason we can buy electronic gadgetry so cheaply is because it's all made in third world countries where workers are little more than slaves. They GIVE us the stuff through THEIR blood sweat and tears. Jobs have been moved away from America because labor can be derived so much more cheaply elsewhere.

The bottom line then ... is that the "economic system" won't be satisfied until EVERYONE is at the same level in the working world ... until EVERYONE has adjusted to the slave labor market of China.

This is being MANIPULATED into being by a small elite group of people who occupy the top of the pyramid and have enough "money" to buy up probably 80% of the world.

What GENERALLY happens is that some tycoon will buy up all of his competition and then charge exorbitant prices for the product he controls. Remember John Rockefeller with his Standard Oil Company and what he did.

Back in the 1970's and 80's we saw a sudden explosion of oil company take-overs. Dozens of oil companies were taken over and then dissolved as the companies taking over went bankrupt and out of business. What was THAT all about? Just a market "trend"?

Whatever it was ... today we see a consolidation of about 5 major oil companies controlling EVERYTHING in the oil/gas production. Where we used to see "service stations" every few blocks in cities which doubled as gas stations and garages ... and were independently owned and run .... today there are NONE left. None. The ubiquitous service station is only a memory now.

So ... by eliminating all competition in the oil/gas company field ... the price of fuel can now be arbitrarily set by agreement of the few companies who run everything ... and it IS being arbitrarily set.

It's the similar monopolization of electronics that we HAVEN'T yet seen. It might come in the future when people have no choice left but to BUY electronic gadgets ... but so far, we're not fully dependent on them yet.

And that's what I mean by ... the price of electronic gadgets is being kept artificially low. The elite need more time to make the population more fully dependent on the stuff and/but once they do ... look out: it will become as draconian as the price of new computer generated cars.


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