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April 17 2012 at 7:29 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to Explaining Socialism To A Republican

reducing things to their lowest common denominator ... in order to get a good understanding of dynamics at work.

The present day economic system might be far too complicated for the average "uneducated" person to understand but ... that complexity isn't some kind of scientific complexity; it's purely man-made complexity.

So, think about the simplest community ... a tribe or a commune ... and observe how such units operate.

Do they throw their "lazy" people out of the tribe and leave them to die of starvation and exposure?

If they did that, it would destroy the tribe because it would destroy the tribe's morale. Somehow, they learn ... and adapt and cooperate on ways to incorporate these elements ... without becoming sadistic. They FIND ways to allow their misfits to fit into SOMETHING.

I think the term "lazy" is far too over-used. People are NOT inherently lazy. People get BORED out of their minds when they have nothing worthwhile to do with themselves.

But ... a lot of people find it extremely difficult to fit into a mass-production, profit driven society. People like to be creative but there's no creativeness in mass production or in working your ass off to achieve .... what?

Many "lazy" people have remarkable skills in the things they do as hobbies. Why not utilize those skills instead of belittling such people? I reckon in a tribe ... these skills would be utilized in some way.

And then there's the control aspect ...

A lot of "lazy" people would FIND their niche if they weren't so overwhelmed with all the rules and regulations and personal income accounting and paying of personal income tax etc. Because they're not ALLOWED to peddle their personal wares without adhering to all the rules ... they simply drop out and do nothing.

You might argue that EVERYONE has to pay their own share of the social burden and that's only possible by charging personal income taxes.

I'd argue that MANY of the "lazy" people are really very generous with their own offers to "help" others. They don't want money; they want to be appreciated. So even if they make no monetary contributions to their society ... they STILL make valuable contributions through their helpful activities.

Yes, I believe in a social democratic system too ... but I don't believe in hard left or hard right politicking.

National health care for example ... should be available to everyone without restriction because of poverty. Yet, national health care becomes exorbitantly expensive over a while. But WHY does it become so expensive?

Well, it becomes expensive because doctors get into that business to make PROFIT! Not to serve their fellow human beings and make a reasonable living (like the old itinerant doctors used to do because of their own desire to serve humanity) ... but because it's a big money-maker.

In our media we're inundated constantly with dualistic messages. The first message is fear-mongering about our NEED to constantly visit our doctors and get endless tests to "catch" things "early." Also .. a continual drug advertising barrage ... with the caveat to "check with your doctor." The message coming across seems to indicate that without doctors and drugs ... we'd all die in short order and that it's THEM who keep us surviving.

But on the other side of the media message is the constant warning about health care costs rising to "unsustainable levels"!

Well .... health care costs would be nominal if people didn't go see a doctor unless it was absolutely necessary .... right? I mean ... people live and die at the same rate ... whether they ever go see doctors or not. But ... if people DIDN'T go see their doctors regularly and if surgeries weren't scheduled routinely ... there WOULDN'T be a health industry would there?

Ideally, what you want is medical care (and other social services) ONLY when they're really needed, as in the case of emergencies. You don't want the fire department setting fire to buildings and then putting out those fires ... just to justify their existence --- do you?

The key to social services then, is to find some way to tightly monitor what transpires with the people who are working for the services ... and to cut out all unnecessary activity that merely results in profiteering.


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