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"The London Lockdown"

June 13 2012 at 12:07 AM

JVH say  (Login JVH)


"I have been emphasising for a long time, as I did two weeks ago in the newsletter about the Olympic flame, that what we focus on - give our attention to - we energetically connect with."

Yes Dave, you did, and were dead wrong on that one too.

So Dave, you have given us something that is not true but posed it as fact(ual) to focus on - give our attention too - energetically connect with. Why would you want to do that then?


propositions which imply their own negation are necessarily false
whereas propositions implied by their own negation are necessarily true

rejected and denied by many, accepted and embraced by few : falsifiability
- it is not what we (think we) know that matters, it is what we can show true that does
as the maxim demands; truth is demonstrably fact and fact is demonstrably true
everything else ... mere BS -

New!! Improved!! Now With CDEH-Formula!!
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CD: short for inevitability

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