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Oh really?

June 18 2012 at 9:08 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Response to I had heard of him before


Oh! Somewhat over powering! Haha. happy.gif

The Lyrics

In a world that can't, we can
In a world that hates, we understand
We are some kind of love
We're at the end of our rope
We are some kind of hate
We are some kind of hope

In a world that cant, we can
In a world that hates, we understand
In a world that wont
Well, we've got the world by the throat
We are some kind of hope

I'll see through every inch of doubt
I am the moon when the sun goes down
And ill reflect its shine its my life
I will define

"I woke up today and felt my age for the first time
In both my mind and body
And my thoughts are less of fitting in
And more, more of being a better man."

I just want to be a better man

A wrecking ball of warmth is beating in my chest
And my head is buried in the depths of its gentleness
Oh god
I am alive
Keeping warm in a cold world


vocalist Jesse Barnett:

"There's a guy named Jiddu Krishnamurti, and his voice and the way of thinking is so great. He comes from a point where he doesn't try to be a teacher or some sort of leader, he just encourages people to be open minded and be open to conversation. He explains that we need to love our fellow man, because we're both human and we feel the same things, whether you're from the Middle East or America."

"I think it's important to note that Stick To Your Guns doesn't come from a Christian background; mostly because for some reason in the Christian community, there's this notion that some people have where they think without God...there's no morals. And I think it's so far fetched and ignorant, because people sometimes act like all you want to do is pillage villages and rape people because you're not a Christian. We're not Christians, but we believe in working towards the greater good and helping those who dont have anything, to meet their basic needs; we also look out to help out non-profit organizations all over the world. "

"One of the biggest things that we believe is that no matter your belief system is or whatever God you worship, don't let that dictate how you treat people. One of the most sensitive subjects to our band is Gay rights. I was just talking to a Christian kid recently, and they generally believe for the most part that all of them are going to hell; some people don't believe that though, that's a generalization. "

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"Truth, God or what you will, is not something to be experienced, for the experiencer is the result of time, the result of memory, of the past, and so long as there is the experiencer there cannot be reality. There is reality only when the mind is completely free from the analyser, from the experiencer and the experienced. Then you will find the answer, then you will see that the change comes without your asking, that the state of creative emptiness is not a thing to be cultivated - it is there, it comes darkly, without any invitation; only in that state is there a possibility of renewal, newness, revolution."

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