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An excellent and well researched post!

June 28 2012 at 10:24 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)
Von Klumpen

Response to 2 Much 'See Oh Too' 4U

... pretty well says it all.

I'd just like to add a comment on something that struck me from reading that ...

Warmists are so thrilled with putting up the numbers for the "dramatic increase" of CO2 levels which ... appear to look like the blade end of a hockey stick when put onto a graph.

When you look at those numbers realistically what do they actually represent?

CO2 levels have "shot up" from .00034 to .00038 in the last 60 years!!

Well such changes are absolutely miniscule and irrelevant when it comes to anything else. We often see things like a measuring device being accurate to within .1% ... which we consider to be virtually flawless.

Do we ever see scientists getting hyper excited over fluctuations of oxygen in the atmosphere going from .20034 to .2004? Good heavens no. We'd think they were INSANE if they started to quibble over parts per million change of oxygen in the air!

Yet, all of the oxygen in the air is derived from CO2!

If there's such a "huge" change of CO2 in the air ... why is it of no concern to see the same kind of fluctuations in the level of oxygen?


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