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Quantum advances

July 3 2012 at 2:03 AM
Seoc Colla  (no login)

Response to We all are

There is great confusion as to what is 'of God'
The assorted religions all claim close acquaintance with 'him' - it is always a 'him' - and become self-appointed ambassadors for some dogma or other.
The difficulty is that we are trying to define the indefinable, to reduce the infinite indescribable to fit within finite language and material thought.

The best way to sort this is to get great big clubs and batter those who disagree with you into a pulp, inflicting as much pain on the other lot as possible.
Oh, wait - that has been tried, hasn't it.

Perhaps an improvement in our understanding of 'god' might help?

The following is an example of tolerance towards others without blood-letting:

Red Cloud on God:

""God is not a being but a force of good which permeates the universe and is infinite.
Evil is not a force, but an error in thought which has arisen in the world because of the misuse of free will. It is finite and can be overcome by concentration on good and on God.
As God dwells within each one of us, every individual is part of the Whole which is God and because we are all part of the Infinite Spirit of God, we cannot die.

The gradual unfolding of the consciousness of the Mind of God within us, is the process of evolution of our souls. To find God, we must be born again to the realisation that we are spiritual beings here and now and to the acceptance of our personal responsibility for our every action. Thus the extent of our evolution depends entirely upon us, ourselves.
As we desire, so we shall receive.

The universe is perfectly ordered by Divine Law.
If we follow this law, it will lead to perfect harmony; if we go against it, the result is chaos.
The first law is that of love. Love is the ability to see only latent perfection in our fellows. Love is the attribute of the Divine mind, whereas fear stems from the material mind. Love and fear are the two incompatible opposites, the one forever striving to cast out the other.
Love is the complete negation of self; self-interest is the father of fear.

The natural expression of love is in giving service to others, not so much in the performance of great works as in doing that which lies nearest to hand.

To dwell within the kingdom of heaven is to dwell within the Mind of God which lies within all Life.
The pilgrim must first seek this kingdom from which, once found, all else will flow.
Prayer for ourselves is pointless, for we already have all we can ever need.

The only true prayer is the unceasing communion with the Divine
spirit within us. Never should we forget that God is within us - not
external to us - that we are all individual parts of God, which is the Whole.""

From this, it can be seen that dogmatic religion and theologians are superfluous to humanity's journey, but each must simply 'save' themselves - should folk think in those patronising and archaic terms.

When/ if common ground is found, then understanding in Quantum Physics becomes possible - until the next hurdle appears.
We live in exciting times.

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