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Fine post, Jackie

July 23 2012 at 12:23 AM
Seoc Colla  (no login)


We are now beginning to see the real reason for this obscenely expensive, disruptive hooley - generating money!

The athletes who trained and sweated blood and tears to achieve their strenuous goals over many dedicated years, are relegated to their true function - merely the honeypot.

Now it begins in earnest, with cavernous snouts repeatedly emerging, dripping, from a huge range of overflowing troughs, in a money-gobbling frenzy.

Now the real games begin, jostling to remove as many rapacious rivals from the race to riches - by any and every conceivable ruse.

The Olympics ideal as a noble, striving of clear-eyed individuals, vying in corinthian spirit, to best each other in true sporting competition has long been replaced by a cheap medalfest with the magnificent prowess of atleticism subverted by 'Tables of Medals' glorifying the assorted National interests ego hunger - the one with the most medals is obviously the superior.

What was the vaunted Olympic oft-stated purpose? Was it really along the lines of 'It is not the winning, but in the taking part' that matters?

Looking at the sordid circus it has now become, it is difficult to see any trace of 'nobility' in the rabid scramble of the greedy, no longer any pretense of feigning their true intentions in the abandoning of civilised behaviour.

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