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the Bible.........again...........oy

August 4 2012 at 5:24 PM
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Response to Thanks for that link!

the Bible read with the carnal mind is evil and read with the spiritual mind is a code describing the HIGHER states of consciousness:

it is an 'other worldly' book because it can be read in both ways and so far if it was not other worldly, it would be understood by people in this world:

now, some may say that the cabal is only evil but behind that evil is a FORCE for good and here is HOW

it is written God uses the foolish of the world to confound the wise, but why?

when the higher and occult came to raise the dust (people who evolved through nature) the knew if left up to nature this evilution would take thousands of years and the proof of this is that most of mankind who is not part of the egoistic mindsets imposed on them by the "gods" haven't developed much in the 6000 years that the egoisticlly imposed people have developed:

now neither side is more important and this is what one has to rise above the ego to understand: NEITHER the egoist or those who are not given the ego to STRIVE for more and more of what this earth can give them are more important in the whole evilution of mankind:

some agreed to be overcome by the ego and some did not agree to it: It was a choice given to us before we remember and those who choose are called the chosen but they are not more important than the called:

they are actually not as blessed as the called or those who receive the BENEFITS of egoistic strivings but not the judgments that come upon those who agreed to be chosen:

in other words, everything invented is from these higher minds who gave this information to mankind on earth but it was distributed according to their oversight and still is today:

their purpose was to raise the planet to its highest state of material benefits before the END came which is 6ooo years of egoistic development when the ego would be removed and the TRUE NATURE would be revealed:

what would these find whose true nature is revealed? that they are part of NATURE and that they can't do much without the egoistic mindset given to them but the time is over and now they have to pick up where they stopped evolving naturally and use the knowledge given to them from these temporary illusive ego mindsets which is a form of magic or delusion:

coming out of the ego 20 years ago gave me the natural compassion of MOTHER nature but it also put me out of the loop of how to get along in the world hence like coming out of the matrix, there is NO POWER here outside of what you can RECEIVE DIRECTLY from nature; nothing artificial and therefore you are ALIVE again, but you have to LEARN to use these powers in your physicality since you are not just plugged into believing you can do really have to do or do not

now its all about how you USE what you find........and its not that easy being FREE

first of all, few people understand you since they are in the matrix

and those who are out aren't necessarily any better than those who are in, but they don't have anyone to blame anymore and there is nobody to GO TO either......

yet nature will care for those who are above the ego or matrix since we belong to her but nature has her own agenda and the only GOOD we have now is that we HAVE THE MEANS to use her justly and fairly and without abuse or harm to her in any way

this is the good news and she obliges us......cares of us once again and as she obliges her own, she will rid the earth of those who do not come out of the matrix since they are like a VIRUS not really a SENTIENT being ........

I cry over the animals because to me they are REAL and part of nature like I am

I see the egoistic mindsets that are not even real yet but just THINK they are real but if truth were told, they would KILL those who they accuse day and night of killing them: A virus is not concerned about anything but survival

and since it has no head of its own, it survives on the body of living things, and right now they are the animals

it could just as easy become the living that come out of the matrix one day

so Jesus says, count the you want the red pill or the blue one

no wait,that is MOOPHEUS........

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