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Re: Dr. David Hawkins ~ Map Of Consciousness

August 7 2012 at 8:06 AM

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Whirling Dervish

Response to Dr. David Hawkins ~ Map Of Consciousness

Regarding admin ...

Ive seen him several times but only twice has he allowed me to embrace him and each time it was only for a few seconds. You may recall from email, to go beyond that, w me at my level and him still functioning normally, would be inappropriate. He says we're old friends, when I come out of this he wants the old relationship intact rather than me humbled in his presence and not wanting to be around. This same thing would apply to individuals in orbit around your forum my friend. Not my forum, your forum. These individuals are here for reasons and they are a particularly special circle of old friends. Im an outlier, an acqaintance of you special people - what he calls the consortium. The programmers. Hes just admin ...

Cant wait to see you all on the other side. And an additional note - should an individual feel cut off, hes keeping it that way. Wants you to re emerge and easily reassume old roles. Important ones for the cosmos.

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