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August 18 2012 at 2:06 PM
Phred  (Login Phred01)

Response to Here's a pretty good theory

So an airliner can produce C02 but not a coal-fired plant? Or a car? There are 300 million people in the US and 600 million cars. They can't produce C02? Deforestation... underground coal fires... not to mention other greenhouse gasses like Methane. You know the primary source of Methane? Cows. Oh that's just laughed off... after all, there have always been cows out there farting to their hearts content. But cows used to eat grass. So they weren't so gassy. The mass-produced cows of today are fed grain. They can't digest it so well. So they're very gassy. And there are so many MORE cows than there used to be. After all, those McDonald's need to be kept supplied. But that can't have anything to do with it now can it? Or Cement! The Chinese are building a civilization over there. Cement production accounts for about 4% of worldwide C02 production.

But you just now figured out that planes are flying more than before and it's likely that they are to blame. It's true that as our civilization becomes more and more technological and there are more and more people we fly more and more planes.

But that's not the main cause of C02 levels.

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