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I hear

August 28 2012 at 9:03 PM

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Response to I am antichrist

You sound like K. happy.gif

I have no issue with how John runs his forum. Whoever posts there posts freely, knowing the deal. Yes, the spirit of the poster is exposed. The ones who claim Christ, seem so darkened.

The yahweh spirit in particular, the guiding spiritual force behind both christianity and islam, is a childish thug who totally gets off on stirring things up and then watching us beat the crap out of each other.

Divisive, and instigating contention. Sounds like "the devil". But of course .. if it looks like duck, and walks like a duck ..

Jehovah Unmasked's main premise is that the nasty, vengeful people-killing god in the Old Testament, "Jehovah" is not the loving God-the-Father Jesus came from. He is really Satan and/or the Demiurge especially when he sends "lying spirits of God to deceive the people" thru his prophets, and so forth. Half the time the Old Testament god is really Satan or Ialdobaoth, not the benevolent non-violent God who is All-Mother Sophia's other half. Jesus himself told us this world is ruled by the Prince of Darkness and remember that's why Satan had the "authority" to test Jesus and try to break him down - because Jesus had come to Satan's turf to try to rescue ("save") us. More about the good god and bad god all confused with one another at the link above. (Yes, it IS dualism, but it's a good read and I like it, so there).

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