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  • The one thing that bothered me
    • Striver (no login)
      Posted Mar 16, 2008 11:44 AM

      We need to take our eyes off the effect and place them on the Cause. That Cause is homogeneous with Space. Once again, Sagan said they can, in his case could, see, just in the observable universe 100 'new' solar systems form every second.

      From the Tao Of Physics pp 211-212:

      In these quantum field theories the classical contrast between the solid particles and the space surrounding them is completely overcome. The quantum field is seen as the fundamental physical entity; a continuous medium which is present everywhere in space. Particles are merely local condensations of the field; concentrations of energy which come and go (reincarnate) losing their individual character and dissolving into the underlying field. (the reincarnating reference is mine)

      Einstein: There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and the matter, for the FIELD IS THE ONLY REALITY. (emphasis is mine).

      Our planet is a large particle (large to us) a concentration of space which is, so to speak, its parents... Space... only at a lowered frequency.

      Is not humanity, that part of the planet, therefore of Space, that got up and walked, reproducing itself? Space, we are Space? Yep!!

      If a human were placed under a super microscope and magnification increased, this human being would come to look exactly like that which astronomers see through the Hubble... that human being would look like Space. So when generation after generation of we humans appears, is it not Space that is reappearing?

      It is Space that reincarnates...reappears... remanifests through the medium of condensations of itself. Do not the solar systems, the universes called humans do the same via their condensations...their children?

      We are reincarnations of our parents who in turn were reincarnations of our grand parents on and on back to origins? Isn't the human race a reincarnation of 'its' continuum called the human race back to its origin, the planet, back therefore to its origin the Sun, back to its origin Space containing CAUSE??

      Does not the particle, a human, just as its parent concentration "come and go, losing our individual character and dissloving into our underlying field?"

      Could our problem be that we humans are so preeminently interested in ourselves that we, due to limited quality of consciousness which, at its present point in evolution, is only capable to identify with our nation tribe or even with our planet that our spiritual eyes are constantly not upon the donut, but upon the hole?

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