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This IS intriguing - Christian atheism!

October 13 2009 at 2:18 PM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Non-realism (Christian Atheism)

Christian Atheists want to remove what they see as the fairy tale elements of Christianity.

They prefer to call this a non-realistic version of Christianity, rather than Christian atheism. They say that they do believe in God - but not in a fairy tale way.

To do this requires great intellectual sophistication, as you can see from the outline of non-realistic Christianity below.

Essentials of non-realistic Christianity
Religion is about internal spiritual experiences, and that is all.
There is no world other than the material world around us.
There are no beings other than the living organisms on this planet or elsewhere in the universe.
There is no objective being or thing called God that exists separately from the person believing in him.
There is no 'ultimate reality' outside human minds either.
We give our own lives meaning and purpose; there is nothing outside us that does it for us.
God is a projection of the human mind.
"God" is the way human beings put 'spiritual' ideals into a poetic form that they are able to use and work with.
"God" is simply a word that stands for our highest ideals.
God-talk is a language tool that enables us to talk about our highest ideals and create meaning in our lives.
Religious stories and texts are ways in which human beings set down and work out spiritual, ethical, and fundamental meanings in life.
Our religious talk is really about us and our inner selves, and the community and culture we live in.
Religious language enables us to do something unique.
Religious talk uses the familiar language of things that exist outside ourselves to make it easier for us to handle complex and subtle ideas.
Faith therefore isn't belief in a God that exists outside minds.
Faith is what human beings do when they pursue 'spiritual' ideals.
Saying that someone follows a particular faith is a way of talking about their attitudes to life and to other people.
Worship and prayer
If there's no God out there, it might seem pointless to go to church, or to pray. Christian Atheists would disagree:

Worship is a beneficial activity. Worship in a group is good way for a community to:

communicate with each other
share ideals and ideas
explore the meaning and purpose of their individual lives, and the life of their community
Hymn-singing and prayer
These are powerful ways for individual human beings to explore the meaning and purpose of their lives.
The ceremonies and rituals of the church - are a powerful way of acting out the ideas that give meaning to our lives. They enable human beings to use action instead of words to explore their deepest ideas.
Benefits of this form of belief
Those who who believe like this claim many advantages for it:

Humanity is forced to take responsibility for everything.
Human beings are seen as powerful and able to do things for themselves.
Religion no longer has to try to explain many difficult issues that go with believing in supernatural things.
Religion is no longer in opposition to scientific progress.
Religion is an inherently democratic, rather than hierarchical activity - it's something that comes from humanity, not something forced on us by a powerful God.



"Human beings are seen as powerful and able to do things for themselves."

THAT will send the shivers in certain quarters, for sure! happy.gif

(More at Wikihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_atheism)


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October 13 2009, 5:09 PM 

Just wondering what you find intriguing about it.

It makes no sense to me. lol. No offense Sis. But it sounds like an oxymoron.

Theistic atheist.

Atheistic theist.

Of course, this is duality. In monism, all are one.

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(Login BlueJudah)

Oxymoronic? Well, since you put it THAT way..............

October 14 2009, 6:52 AM 

Christian atheist......


Spiritual atheist......

Hmmmmmm. Don't know really. One just seems to fit and the other doesn't! happy.gif

BUT of course, Christian Atheist! Fits very well actually!

Seems 'logical' to be a Christian atheist if you love the authentic (happy.gif) Teachings of a Rabbo named Jesus (or whateve back then). AND if you thought this Messenger was bringing remembrance ot Christ Consciousness to us. (Or maybe just for his People - who knows?)

"I realized that God was just another fanciful story used to keep people in line. Zeus, Odin, Gilgamesh, Ra, Great Spirit, Heavenly Father, people have always had religions to explain how they got here, who they are, why things happen to them, what they should do in life, and where they go when they die, all with the same burden of proof faith, or in other words, no proof at all.

Extacts below taken from an interesting article how one man chose to be a Christian Atheist.

"the Bible was recorded in ancient times in an ancient language. It was full of inherent contradictions and many stories could very well be explained as the hallucinatory ravings of drunk or drugged fanatics. It was translated repeatedly between many languages, written by hand in careful script by secluded monks. It was censored to fit the political whim of the times. It was a closely guarded secret tome of a literate priest caste kept hidden from the illiterate masses until around the fifteenth century.

He continued to explain, however, that within the Bible are incredible metaphors and lessons for moral life. He told me of how all the major religions had come to the same conclusions do unto others as you would have them do unto you, don't lie, cheat, or steal, don't kill or prejudge one another, love thy neighbor, be honorable, respect your elders the truths in life are self-evident."

"Positive Christian Atheism. I mean, I certainly believe in moral aspects of Christianity. I just don't believe in the mumbo-jumbo God bits of it. I think there is some precedent for picking and choosing the parts of a religion to believe and parts to discard. I see many Christians choosing to believe the abomination parts of Leviticus regarding homosexuality, but they've discarded parts from the very same chapter regarding shellfish, working on Sunday, or interacting with menstruating women. Many of them are pro-death penalty because of specific Bible verses, anti-abortion because of other verses, but aren't as supportive of verses promoting slavery or polygamy. You would think with an infallible omniscient God there would not be any wiggle room."

"It's a religion of one with a clever oxymoronic name and flexible dogma from a clever guy with an oxymoronic nickname and a funny dog tag. It can only be a religion of one, because I believe that the way you understand the universe and your place in it is undeniably unique. I believe in your right to have faith in any story or gods you choose, but I will not refrain from pointing out something silly, contradictory, or just plain sinful from my point-of-view. I believe we'd all get along better if we kept the god stories to ourselves and solved our problems with reason and reality with which we all can agree."

Full article at:http://www.oregonherald.com/n/radicalruss/20041124_positive-christian-atheist.html

Gosh, second time in recent weeks I stand corrected by YOU, brother dear.happy.gif


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