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2010 Top Ten "Dubious Polling" Awards

February 5 2010 at 1:12 PM

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Every year, poll watchers are confronted with poll results and commentary that defy either logic or science, often raising question about the very utility of polls. Typically, the problems are not with the method of conducting polls, but with the pollsters themselves - as they focus on what they believe is entertaining and appealing to the audience rather than an accurate reflection of public opinion. In the process, pollsters can manipulate public opinion or write commentary that makes a mockery of what the public is really thinking.

With this article, veteran pollsters, authors and political scientists George F. Bishop and David W. Moore issue their Second Annual Top Ten "Dubious Polling" Awards. These awards are intended to mark for posterity some of the most risible and outrageous pronouncements by polling organizations during the previous year.

Each award is ranked, from a low of one set of crossed fingers to a high of five sets. Pollsters generally know in their hearts when all is not right with their polls, but they (figuratively) cross their fingers and hope that no one notices anything amiss. The five crossed-fingers icon is the ultimate in wishful thinking, perhaps the equivalent of football's "Hail Mary pass" for the truly untrustworthy poll.

2010 Top Ten "Dubious Polling" Awards

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I'm glad then....

February 5 2010, 3:22 PM 

25_coolguy.gifThat I can count myself as a true and blue skeptic, when it comes to polls....among nother things and philosophy's as well lol...GOOD link Mondo!

If all else fails: Play DEAD

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