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Illuminati on the run - but the death throes mean desperate measures

June 13 2011 at 5:17 AM
Jackie  (Login BlueJudah)

Seems the fight can / will be won against the Puppet Masters and their sick puppets but no escape from the desperate and dark measures to come.

The list of crimes is so long...the results of which are all around us.

The abnormal births of Iraqi babies due to the poisoning of their water...
just one of these crimes. The Libyan kids to be born with the same defects due to the same poisoning weapons.


I see the 'Truth Movements' as prevailing though. Previous unseeing workers of the puppets beginning to see and take action.

We need be very aware of the growing Elite Disinformation agenda. Growing because much more anti-Elite truth is coming through to the masses now, even if still only a partial picture. This matters. happy.gif

Let's go get the buggers once and for all!! happy.gif


"Once the Puppet Masters are run out of town, their marionettes will fall to the stage floor in a heap of strings and wooden sticks as their benefactors are no longer there to support them with limitless amounts of cash, equipment, media coverage, brain trusts and human resources. "


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Realization of Truth


"It is only once we've lost everything, we are free to do anything."

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