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The Wisdom of Mystery

July 14 2012 at 8:35 PM

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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Wisdom of Mystery
Posted by Christopher Loring Knowles

At this point in my life there is no doubt in my mind that human beings are "not alone." I'm not talking about extraterrestrials, mind you, though I believe that logic dictates that the Milky Way galaxy-- and the countless billion other galaxies out there in the Universe-- is teeming with intelligent life.

I'm talking about entities that over the past millennia have been perceived as-- or presented themselves, depending on your point of view-- as gods, spirits, demons, angels, fairies, Djinn, aliens, ghosts, poltergeists and so on and so forth.

I believe that these entities somehow exist outside the normal boundaries of space/time and are usually perceived according to the state of mind of the percipient. In other words, if your head is filled with snakes, you're going to perceive these entities as demonic. If you're a "fluffy bunny" type, you'll perceive them as angels or space brothers. It's kind of like an acid trip in that regard.

I also believe that these entities are part of a greater hierarchy which reflects the greater cosmos. I think this greater hierarchy communicates with human beings through the manipulation of symbol and time, a process more commonly known as Synchronicity. This hierarchy is both an objective and subjective reality, in that it exists within and without the human imagination.

I believe that most people are usually oblivious to these entities and this hierarchy. With certain exceptions, I believe that these entities can only be perceived through a rather dramatic alteration of consciousness, some kind of break in the normal, everyday patterns of living.

And it's a good thing, too. Because we are just way too fucked up to be plugged into that kind of power on a regular basis.

Now, these are all givens in my worldview. They're not issues I feel the need to debate even though I realize a lot of people violently (though not passionately) disagree with these beliefs. I don't care if they do. I do care about finding people who share these beliefs and then disseminating them to the agnostic or curious. I think the best way to do that is to be a level-headed individual who doesn't run around making outrageous claims just to draw attention to themselves.

I also think it's important to ask questions and to learn to distinguish speculation from document. Speculation is a powerful tool. It's vastly under-rated in this day and age, where fundamentalism and the need for certainty rules supreme. Maybe a lot of people might think the first few paragraphs in this piece here break my rules, and cross the speculative line. That's OK. That's their privilege.

I've been studying all of this stuff long enough where I'm confident enough to make those kind of assumptions. What the exact nature or origin of these entities I'm talking about is totally beyond me. I'm only interested in their activities, in the effect they have on the rest of us.

I'm interested in how cultures wither away and die when they cut themselves off from this other world, the way atheist and secular societies simply stop reproducing, or reproducing at a rate sufficient to avoid extinction. It's happened throughout history and it's happening now. The numbers don't lie; a reductionist materialist society is a dying society.

History is filled with the names of dead nations and dead peoples, which is why the atheists and the secularists are so desperate to keep us from studying history (other than their politically correct mythology version thereof).

I also have a pretty good idea that contact with this other realm is actively discouraged to disempower us, to keep us weak and confused and separated. In other words, there's a reason that all of the NGOs and foundations funnel so much money into the skeptic and atheist movements, as well as into their media amen corners.

Hell, I'll go one better and say that a lot of what passes for religion in this country is hardly better than atheism itself. Especially considering most of it is partisan politics in clerical drag.

But the point I'm trying to make is that whereas other writers and other researchers want to grab a theory and own it, I don't. I like mystery. I like speculation. I like to ask questions and juggle possibilities. Take UFOs; I can listen to an Andrew Collins talk about plasma and bubble dimensions and then listen to Richard Dolan talk about nuts and bolts aliens and reverse engineering.

I can listen to a Nick Redfern claim that Bigfoot is an interdimensional entity and then listen to Lloyd Pye claim he's a crafty protohominid who stays aways from human beings. I can read a John Keel claim the ancient astronauts were noncorporeal Ultraterrestrials or read somebody argue they were flesh and blood ET's. Then I can start to mix and match. Recently I've been toying with the idea of the ancient gods being human beings possessed by plasma beings. Why not?

I'm not exactly sure how or why all of it works but I know it does. By it I don't necessarily mean UFOs or Psi or Synchronicity or Alchemy or the Tarot or what have you, and I don't not mean them either. All of these things are symbol systems of a kind, graphic interfaces of an ineffable human consciousness with an ineffable cosmic consciousness. They're signs, not the road, if that makes any sense.

One of the original inspirations behind The Secret Sun was my noticing that art and culture and society becomes more creative, dynamic and exciting when forbidden topics like UFOs and Alchemy and psychedelia and ancient mythology rear their heads.

Why exactly is a mystery to me, but it's something I noticed first in the postpunk era, traced back to the hippies then to the Surrealists then to the Spiritualists and the Rosicrucians and the Renaissance and the High Middle Ages. The pattern is remarkably consistent.

It's as if Mystery- capital M-- is what really kickstarts the human imagination. The greater the mystery-- the more unanswerable the question-- the greater the impulse to evolve and achieve. And it all begins with a question- Why?

Never be afraid to ask why. It's the only thing that will save us from oblivion.


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Seoc Colla
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July 15 2012, 1:41 AM 

""these entities somehow exist outside the normal boundaries of space/time ""

Or, simply they live just beyond the very limited range of human perception?

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