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"W" Following NWO Plan

February 13 2001 at 10:31 AM

It is becoming all too obvious that President Bush is capitulating on his campaign promises of rebuilding the military. In recent press releases he is saying he isn't committing on anything yet until he reevaluates the situation.

The truth being he is actually tied by the old document initiated in 1961 by John F. Kennedy entitled "Freedom from War" and given the official number of State Dept. Publication # 7277. This document when first read seems like something George Orwell wrote. It details several "steps" that progressively disarm the United States military and transfers its function over to the United Nations and UN standing army. This of course is now what is referred to as the NATO peacekeeping force. This is just another arm of the UN in that it basically answers directly to the United Nations Security Council. The multinational forces comprising this "army" are under the direction of foreign commanders. By foreign I mean that United States soldiers are taking orders from non-American leaders. The troops are even required to wear UN insignia on their uniforms.

All this does not sit well with some of these fighting Americans. One such soldier, Michael New is to this day fighting his court-martial for refusing to wear the UN uniform. There are other cases where troops are refusing to be human guinea pigs for vaccine experimentation.

So, it really doesn't look like George W. Bush can do anything significant to restore the military. He'll more than likely get an increase in pay for military personnel to help divert attention away from the real problems. But, I predict that we'll continue losing good fighting men to the private sector because most of these men are thinking, rational men who can see the handwriting on the wall. They see how our forces are being deployed to all parts of the world only to be a part of forcing our will upon others. They live daily with aging equipment and few spare parts to maintain it.

Bush will keep going through the motions of trying to make our military tough again. But the only way any president or congress will be free to actually fix the military machine will be when the United States breaks all ties with the United Nations, including NATO. Until then, Bush and all the others will only be able to give us feel good, tough guy talk while the New World Order marches on.
By Randy J. Lindower - Published: 02.13.01

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"W" following NWO orders

February 13 2001, 8:28 PM 

Bush like the rest of them only has certain parameters that he can operate within. The puppeteers pull the strings, the puppet head of state jumps, the media circus parrot the NWO line and everyone in government dances in tune. He will not be allowed to deviate from the outline set out, JFK tried to warn you and look what happened to him.

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