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June 19 2001 at 8:53 AM


There are significant problems with H.R. 1 and S. 1 -- the education bill known as "No Child Left Behind," -- to the point that Traditional Values Coalition and most other conservative groups are opposed to the bills.

After the House of Representatives finished work on H.R. 1, the bill looked nothing like the original education reform proposal put forth by President Bush. The numerous problems with H.R. 1 include the lack of academic flexibility for local schools and educational choice, as well as maintaining the status quo while increasing federal spending by 20 percent. We anticipate having similar problems with S. 1, once the Senate completes action.

In addition, we are deeply troubled by the inclusion of H.R. 1 and S. 1 of thought/hate crimes language, as well as the fact that there is no real protection against religious bigotry funded in this legislation.

Currently, under the guise of "hate crime prevention" and "promoting tolerance," federal education dollars have provided a major funding stream to undermine and denigrate the religious beliefs of Christian parents and children. These taxpayer dollars have produced unbalanced, bigoted and offensive anti-Christian materials. The objectionable materials include:

The creation of middle school curriculum that:

Links Baptists and Pentecostals with White Supremacists in the chapter under "Hate Crime Perpetrators: Why They Do It"

Takes thought/hate crimes a step further to teach words such as: Hate incident -- which is defined as "harmful words or actions motivated by prejudice." Institutionalized prejudice -- "prejudice that is widely accepted throughout a society including in schools, workplaces, government, and religious organizations.

Directly assaults Bible-believing Christians with the statement that "prejudice and contempt cloaked in the pretense of religious or political conviction are no different."

Has children role-play being a lesbian.

Other documents or curriculum funded include:

Teaching children to turn in their parents if they are "intolerant" or prejudiced.

Defining culture to specifically exclude religion from a list that does include sexual orientation.

Endorsing the view that it is age appropriate to teach kindergarteners about sex-change operations.

Under H.R. 1 and S. 1., local educational agencies will continue to use funds to carry out the curriculum mentioned above and more--all the while, excluding people of faith from its protections!


It is important to call:

Your two U.S. Senators and urge them to oppose S. 1 because of the inclusion of hate crime language and the funding of anti-Christian bigotry. All Members of Congress can be reached by dialing the Capitol Switchboard at: 202-224-3121.

The White House and ask the President to veto the education bill, "No Child Left Behind" if it includes hate crime language and offers no real protection against anti-Christian bigotry. Taxpayer dollars should not go to fund anti-Christian bigotry. The White House can be reached by dialing 202-456-1414.

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June 19 2001, 8:44 PM 

This is the reason so many people are into home schooling. The queers are mental and their agenda proves it. They make up 2 percent of the population and they wish the taxpayer to fund a promotion drive to give them more access to children.

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