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Well before you run away and have a vacation read the response.

October 5 2005 at 12:56 AM

Response to A response for the very last time.

I will not debate with you when you cited a work of a biased and anti catholic author.

-------------> hahahaha or you jusct couldn't accept the truth? Truth really hurts.

I have only one question to prove/test the lie that you propagate.

If indeed there was no Septuagint Version of the OT before the birth of Jesus Christ, why are the Ethiopian Jews using the Siptuagint Version until now? These were the Jews who did not follow the insecure European Jews who composed the Council of Jamnia before 100 AD whose desire was only one, bring down christianity.

-------------> See how irrational your arguments? Does that mean because there are jews until now who are using the spook LXX the spook LXX therefore existed before Christ was born? Didn't ever come into your mind (Im not wondering why) that what they are using is indeed the spook one? Like you, you believe in the spook LXX. You have just completely closed your mind on the truth. You wont accept that what you are using is the spook LXX.

Furhtermore, you could not even say about the hypocracy of your cult when you followed luther who followed jamnia to denounce the 7 deuters but defied the same council when it denounced the NT which you retained. Hahahaha, Hypocrites.

-------------? See readers because he could no longer defend his position he is accusing us of following luther. Where did you get that imagination?

Dont tell me that they adopted the LXX in 300 AD in exchange of the original hebrew that they had been using. for one source you can read this credible site:

-----------> See how blinded you are. Didn;t you read? LXX is spook. And who said that? You are now getting confused. I mean you are still confused.

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