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you home already? wow I am so glad you have missed the weather here

July 28 2009 at 6:04 PM

grape  (Login grapejell)

Response to Glad youa re back safe and sound. Your descirption makes

I tried to cram in so much in our waytooshort but undersatandble lunch. I feel like I talked with my mouth full, and too fast!
sadly I didn't pick a FUN resturant just a conveinent one. we are getting(got) all new windows (15!) in our house (one more day of comstruction. see? you got up there and back by the time 3 men can install windows, you fast girl! living in the boon docks will slow you down or bore you to tears).
that and afraid of directing you to a more fun eartery are my excuses.
I LOVED LOVED meeting jen. whatta DOLL!!!! you so lucky having someone to play travel games with.Maynerd just likes to "bond with the road" bleck, so I nap. I think this last trip to Az I slept all day, only woke if if he was dying to have me drive.(cuz new car and all, I am so bored with either way to az. I can almost tell you what the next farm is on I route5 interstate I have driven many times alone in the 20 some odd years since my folks moeved from Mass. to Az..
I am glad we get more time together. and with the fig. skating in Spokane this year(jan.) we might have a chance to evewn get sick of each other!
hahaha, not much chance.
sooo, you'll be having your own set of construction tools, a variety of umbrella, winter clothing and geesh, all new stuff. I "get" this move of yours. I could so easily up and change my life. being an army brat instilled this in me.(and I LOVE to pack, clothing, or dishes.)
Jasper? you have several board members to mooch off of here in the Great North West. Not cuz of that but I encourage you to come vicit. it is a beauty like no other. and for BB1 to get to go to the only rain forrest in the contienent she REALLY got a good idea. spokane is VERY different weather than portland or even the coast, but it is a great place too. it is sort of coming into it's own in the last decade.(it went into a tough strain in the 80's when so many logging mills were shut down. it has SEVERAL vineries I would love to visit when Turtle and I come up.)
Pay! when are you and family gonna come this way! I'll brush up on my tourguide skills((on BB1 HA!)and give you all a great tour!
bb1? have you been up The Columbia Gorge ever? that'll be the way you can travel to spokane from here. it is a super place to stop and see many water falls.
Misty! I am so hopping to get to Long Beach in Sept! I miss real life visiting with you.

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