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Yes I saw The Office. Good episode! I dled it on my ipod its one of my MUST HAVES haha!

October 13 2009 at 5:18 PM

Drewfan24  (Login Drewfan19)

Response to did you see The Office last thursday? It was

My teeth now that I got the wisdom teeth out and the ones that were bothering me out ha are fine now happy.gif! I shouldnt have any more problems. Or so I hope. I never really had a toothache. I tried my dads approach for longer than i should and that didn't help which is how I ended up at the dentist pulling 8 teeth out lol!

I can start eating again! I am thrilled about that! I miss my meat rice and GRAVY! hahaha! i am a true southern! no doubts about that one lol!

Im so with you. I wouldnt mind the worrying, but if I can prevent it. I will. These guys know, if it was life threatening i'd alert them big time. This wasn't. Thank God! In some cases it wouldnt really do any good to get people stirred up for nothing. Even though it was major for me, bc ive never had an operation of any kind ha!

Hope things get better for you grape! Hugs! Just know you have someone up above looking out for ya always!

*"Its not about YOU and what YOU like ... Its about HIM!" F.D.*

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" Twilight

"All that I'm after; Is a life full of laughter; As long as I'm laughing with you; And I think that; All that still matters is the love and the laughter; After the life we've been through; 'Cause I know there's no Life After You" Daughtry "Life After You"

Casey to Natalie "Now go fix Jessie a sandwich"

"Welcome to the party" Jeff talking to the rest of the BB house before he uses the Coup to nom Jessie & Natalie

Jeff to Lydia "Man enough for what? To go talk to a drunk person in the DR?"

Jeff to the house "We've been fing bitting our tongue the whole fing time. Were just saying ok! It's not like I can make it fing crazy and bash this mother fin window wide the f open
make sh*t real fin uncomfortable! And start every fin bed in here on fire! Cause I fin will! What im saying is maybe you should saying something instead of me bitting
my fin tongue every fin time!"

Jeff to Michelle "Sit down and don't give me a pouty face; have some cake"

"I think he full filled the measure of his creation there!" Sam talking about God creating flys before he killed one LOL!

*Nathan BB4; Drew BB5; Michael BB6; Mike BB8; Alex BB9; Dan BB10; Jeff BB11*

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