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I did my confessional at the check in desk. they said the same thing YOU did! YAY!

April 21 2012 at 3:21 PM

grape  (Login grapejell)

Response to I think you have a nice souvenir ... nt

he also told me they loose , oh i forgot how many a year but it was in the hundreds.
like 600 maybe! he said don't feel bad.
i don't.
we had fun. it was way too warm up there.
our room was on the 2nd floor and the window was completely coverd in snow!!! we opened the window and stuck our fingers in the snow.(it takes very little to make us happy and it absolutely thrilled me.)
we had dinner in the cascade room, thats the fanciest of the 2 or 3 restuants they have inside the grand hotel. the blue Ox is another.
I had crab cakes, best I EVER had. turtle had the pork chop. it was heavenly. they start out with a teaser sort of thing. it is called something french i can't spell and have worked hard on just to memorize. turtle knowing food like she does just rattled off the name. it sounds like Amooze Boush. it was a tiny pick of matza bread(cracker)with a sause of something red that had mustard and 2 drops of rasberry jam to dip it in. sounds bizzarre, LOVED it!an amooze bouch is made of the Chef's choise.
then the arugala salad with the BEST tasting pears EVER, roasted pine nuts with a vinegrette dressing. wow, and i don't normally even like arugala.
then the palatte cleanser of a couple bites of coconut and ginger sherbert. delightful.
then...the entree. Turtle's came with a huge bone that looked to me more like a debarked tree stump and she got the tiny fork, to eat the prepared bone marrow out of the middle! I tasted it. it really was rich. but tasted too much like fat. it was good tho. one tiny bit will do it.
the grilled asparagas was as good as it gets and the teeny tiny potato cake was the BEST ever. I can never have an Arby potato cake again(which is a good thing).
there were 4 desserts on the menu and all sounded too alaborate for me, so i declined. I said to turtle , why can't i have a good old new york style cheesecake. turtle said "not in a place like THIS!".
After we left turtle headed back to our room to see if the snow melted inside our open window(it had not)and i went upsatirs to see the sun set. that is where the blue Ox is and the bar. right in front of me was a big sign"new york cheese cake" haha. I got my chese cake!
this morning the snow was melting fast but the skiers arrived in droves. we went out to the outdoor pool and hot tub area. we took pics of the snow pilled up around the heated tub. right next to the pool was one of the trails for skiers, so you ski RIGHT past the pool! i wish they would have skied slower so i could take a pic of the skiers going by an outdoor pool with the snow pilled up above the wooden wall! it goes RIGHT past the pool.very cool.
we stopped on our way home and had a wonderful breakfast in a town called sandy(it was at the Tollgate Inn). we bought pastries and cute Mother's day cards was quite the place.
we came home a back way i think it was shorter.maybe it was just more fun. it was past lots and lots of nurseries and tree farms. even the dandilions in open fields looked like they were meant to be there. all so pretty.(my dandilions do NOT look like that and the awful neighborhood association agrees)
home again home again rig-a-jig-jig.
time to pack and repack. OH how i love to pack.
you know i am going to LV JUST for the packing experience. may i please pack your bags too?

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