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chapter 2

June 19 2012 at 1:19 PM

grape  (Login grapejell)

we go to the monte carlo, get in the shortest line. cathy and i are chatting up something and all of a sudden i got a feeling.( a different feeling from sitting next to a rich polite hunk). i whispered "Di"?. to this minute i still don't know why. her back was to me, i had NO idea what she'd be wearing. it was just a 'can't loose" situation. it was My Diana!!! we had hugs all around. She told us that she HAD to tell me something. she seemed distracted and a maybe a bit addiled. the 3 of us got to the check in desk at once. I was still concentrating on how CUTE Diana is and how my guess turned out to be right!
somehow we got checked in, were across the hall from each other and all 3 of us were ready to go check our rooms out. Di mentioned again that she has a story but didn't want to tell it twice. she said i had to wait until get got to the casino so candi could hear too.

I was dying to know! what could this story be that she kept turning red??? did she have a "better" encounter with a man next to her in the shuttle? ok not likely. did she hve terrible trauma of the airplane variety? questions swirled in my head but sweat swirled more so i HAD to get to cathy's and my room to change into cooler clothes FIRST!

No sooner did i have my pants and top off, than a knock on the door. Cathy had gone to get ice, had she forgotten her key or just full hands? so i opened it, bra and panties only. it was Di!!! i closed the door on her, felt silly , opened the door, told her i was nekkid, closed the door, opened the door and said "what the heck". i wanted this story so badly i was willing to listen to it naked if must be. i was so intrigued. plusi am still learning proper ediquette for meeting people i feel like i have known for all the years we have posted togther.

So i invite her in. She was so cute, with hands made to look like horse blinders on both sides ofher face she walked in and wentt up to the window, thus gluing her head to the pane, for my privacy. I remember laughing as i hurried tothrow my dress over my head. I thanked her and she said "well in reality we are strangers".

i thot, no we are not , but i HAD to think that to reassure myself that i would not let just anyone claiming they had something really important to tell me while i am near nekked.

let me back track a tiny bit.

since i write(talk) about My Service Dog, Zoey and apartently have never once said WHY I have a service dog, and none of you polite folk have EVER asked, some here might not know i was born with short arms and a couple fingures on each hand. No biggie. grew up never knowing anything different.

So as i sort of figured Di had told me earlier on an IM chat she had asked candi. i reassured her that was fine and she (and any of you) can ask me anything about it. so we knew ahead it would be easy to spot me in a crowd, just another advantage i have over you all.

Di started her story. By this time Cathy had brough ice back and we were all sitting on the 2 beds. all we were missing was popcorn.

She said she was looking for us, and specifically looking for my short arms. I must add that many times in this and other stories I found myself thinking "what are the odds?" which is a funny thing to think of while in LV. I kept expecting someone to pop out of the woodwork and give me the odds.

Di told uas she saw a woman in a wheelchair with short arms. there was a nice looking younger woman pushing the chair. she thot, THERE THEY ARE!!!! I so wish i could do this story justice cuz if you could see di's face while telling this story it becomes wilder and far funnier.Plus i might not have everything she said in the right order. maybe she can help me fix the order after i post).
I hope all here know what a HUGE heart and a sencitive and kind fun lady Di is. cuz this makes it all the more funnier to me.

Di went excitedly up to the 2 ladies and said "TURTLE!!! Grape!!!! hi!!". she said the lady in the wheel chair and the lady pushing it got wide eyed but said nothing(fear can do that i 'spose). She stood in front of them, being so sure she had found us in the crazy airport. she said "LOOK! I wore a t-shirt in honor of you" she then pulls her shirt away from her body/chest area so they can read that it says "Turtles". Seems they were not that impressed. she then, i kid you not, asked for a hug!!! AND GOT one!!!
I almost fell off the bed when she said it wasnot much of a hug back but she thot maybe the short armed woman couldn't hug tight or well. I can ONLY imagine just how wide eyed these 2 women were at that point. but they kept going along!!! I had told di that cathy is very shy, so Di giving every benefit of the doudt just thot we were slow to excite.She showed these 2 patient women even more enthusiasm.
I forgot what Di FINALLY said that caused the lady pushing the wheel chair to say polity "I think you might have the wrong person."

OMG!by now the tears are stremaing down my face, i have crossed my legs from neccessity, and i love Di more now than ever.
Just picturing her all bent over to hug the lady in the wheel chair, and the other one not saying a word about it. Please if i ever end up in a wheel chair and some stranger runs up to me, and you are pushing my wheel chair, remind me to hug back, no matter what.

there turns out to be more to this story, what are the odds???

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