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back out for the lugagge hunt

June 5 2012 at 10:03 AM

grape  (Login grapejell)

we saw one i almost could not leave it in thr store, but i desded paying for it would be too much and going to jail too inconvenient.
i have another confession, and seeing as how this is where i do most of my confessions since leaving the catholic church in 6th grade, it seem sonly appropriate to speak of my little issue here.
i have a fetish, yes a long standing one. only thing is now i am acting on it rather than waiting for poeple to just provide for me.
i love luggage.
and it got so much worse when, like the telephone, it started coming in colors.
imagine what it is like for me now that it comies in purple?
i have 2 sets of different purple luggage, but now the wheelie or spinner , 4 wheel drive has come out.
I MUST have one for this trip. MUST i say. gotta have i repeat in my head as i fall asleep dreaming of the next store that is going to connect me with my newest lugagge dream.
I did find a royal blue one that caught my eye, but i thot of you girls that are going too. I would never want to disappoint you in not having a purple suitcase with me. how would you get to know the realness in my purple grapitude ?
so i left it at T.J. Max.
Turtle is not as picky as i am and yet she is having the same problem with finding this perfect suitcase that has 4-wheel drive. to walk along SIDE of my suitcase is a dream come true. neverr again leaving such a find helpful addition to hectic traveling behind me, or worse when i have to push it and i am left behind.
so we must be partners, me and my luggage, side by side.

THE most alluring suitcase had tacky tacky pictures of las vegas all over it and pictures of the famous welsome to fabulas las vegas all over it. if i thot for one minute i'd go to lv more often than one more trip (with maynerd)i'd have purchasedit on the spot! as it was i sat with it, enjoyed it, thot of our MJD, thot of how i'd be the envy of all the tacky passengers on flight my non stop. but i left it there.
yes i do tell myself stories about traveling with it, but posting this here and there will have to suffice.
these last 4+ days in a row of looking, my problem has been if the suitcase is purple it is too big9for carry on) or too small for all the crap i need to take and not use.
but the persuit is still on.
i am off to so sit and enjoy luggage at the mall.
this is huge, i stay away from the mall at almost all costs.
and btw, i don't need this suitcase, i have 3 others that are purpleish and a perfect size lime green one, all could work... but they just aren't worthy or capable of walking side by side.
stay tuned, and thank you for listening to my confession, actually hearing the agusih and enjoyment i get from lugagge.

i need to take a shower now.

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(Login grapejell)

dang if the g's in luggage don't move around. wow. nm

June 5 2012, 10:08 AM 

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(Login luckywoman)

when you find it, a picture please? I wish you luck! nt

June 5 2012, 4:37 PM 

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(Login grapejell)

luck from lucky, i can't go wrong!. darm it, i forgot to

June 5 2012, 5:35 PM 

take a picture of it, we went back to that store too!
i did not end up with poly-carbonate luggage, but i got myself a tried and true 'spinner" that is
i went to get what i thot was the same issue in my foot that only hurts to walk, stand and run.
darned if it wasn't something different, so i had to go buy orthopedic sneakers and inserts. and of course the only ones we could find were the ugliest black, with patten leather on them. oh gosh. if i HAVE to wear them to walk around i promise to walk behind you all.
well come to think of it otherwise i limp behind you all.
so no worries i'll catch up to yas either way!

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(Login myjimmydog)

You should have gotten the Tacky Vegas one....nt

June 6 2012, 6:55 AM 

No Room for nt

Know This...I like Squirrels

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(Login grapejell)

not too late. i went BACK to visit it yesterday. turtle

June 6 2012, 10:30 AM 

got an ultra cool one that sat next to it!.it is all swirly touguise, yellow, 2 shades of brown(one she thot looked marroon-y)and perhaps more colors. i know it should be sheered into my brain, it will be by the end of our trip. OH! there you go, in a way i'll enjoy traveling next to it.
but if i had gotten it, i was gonna give it to you afterward.
oh mani still have not removed the tags from the purple non polycarbonate with no switls.
it DOES perfectly match one other set of my luggage.

doesn't anyone else want to talk about luggage?
you must have a favorite piece or a funny luggage story out there? Dianamite??? candi? you travel, heck some of you have even MOVED lately(rooo?)

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(Login dianamite01)

I have more tote bags than luggage, lol.... although I do have

June 6 2012, 12:13 PM 

a few pieces of luggage. never thought I'd spend time talking about it tho, lol


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(Login grapejell)

thank you now that it a true friend di., tho some might call you my enabler.

June 6 2012, 1:00 PM 

heee heee. i told turtle i might go get the tackiest lv suitcaseanyway and return the sedate purple one. as long as it has 4-wheel drive and is big enough, i can't see many others having one like mine. you'll know it is ME coming at chu. why was she not surprised?

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(Login grapejell)

ps, there probly was a time i could have had

June 6 2012, 1:04 PM 

totes like you said, but after traveling with maynerd and turtle i have deleloped new habits of bringing more stuff.1st time i saw maynerd bring one of his HARD bound books he has read a million times already i was SHOCKED! but now he doesn't or i don't notice since he had such a good point that HE has to haul HIS stuff.but we don't fly much and he did great on this last trip he took to Omaha.

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Pay and Magoo
(Login Payforfun1)

You guys sound like Day 37 on BB nt

June 6 2012, 7:03 PM 

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(Login grapejell)

hahahaha, just cuz YOU don't have the same feelings as i do

June 6 2012, 11:57 PM 

toward suitcases.

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