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CIF Cross Country Finals Info
Schedule, Box Assignments, Map, Entries, Race Day Instructions.

Coaches Poll Top 10 Teams 13 Nov 2017

1. Del Norte
2. Mt. Carmel
3. La Costa Canyon
4. Scripps Ranch
5. Grossmont
6. Bonita Vista
7. San Marcos
8. Sage Creek
9. Cathedral Catholic
10. Torrey Pines

1. La Costa Canyon
2. El Camino
3. Canyon Crest
4. Scripps Ranch
5. Sage Creek
6. Rancho Bernardo
7. Cathedral Catholic
8. University City
9. Coronado
10. Torrey Pines
By Division Boys
D-I:  1. Bonita Vista- 2. San Marcos - 3. Torrey Pines
D-II: 1. Del Norte- 2. Mt. Carmel - 3. Scripps Ranch
D-III 1. La Costa Canyon - 2. Cathedral - 3. University City
D-IV 1. Sage Creek - 2. Coronado - 3. High Tech High
D-V  1. Francis Parker - 2. Holtville - 3. Julian
By Division Girls
D-I:  1. El Camino - 2. Canyon Crest- 3. Rancho Bernardo
D-II: 1. Scripps Ranch - 2. Del Norte - 3. Steele Canyon
D-III 1. La Costa Canyon - 2. Cathedral - 3. University City
D-IV 1. Sage Creek - 2. Coronado - 3. Valley Center
D-V  1. Francis Parker- 2. Christian - 3. Santa Fe Christian
Top 10 Individual Boys
1. Joaquin Martinez de Pinillos, Cathedral Catholic
2. Jaron Farnham, Del Norte
3. Anthony Benitez, Serra
4. Garrett Stanford, La Costa Canyon
5. Jacob Stanford, La Costa Canyon
6. Sam Boone, Mt. Carmel
7. Brady DeHaven, Granite Hills
8. Zev Feidelberg, Del Norte
9. Isaiah Labra, Bonita Vista
10. Moise Maombi, Hoover

Top 10 Individual Girls
1. Kristin Fahy, La Costa Canyon
2. Patricia Miessner, Eastlake
3. Lexi Watkins, La Jolla Country Day
4. Teresa Perez, Coronado
5. Liliana Prieto, El Camino
6. Jessica Riedman, La Costa Canyon
7. Carlie Dorostkar, Canyon Crest
8. Caitlin Cornell, San Marcos
9. McKenna Brown, La Costa Canyon
10. Cami Doheny, Cathedral Catholic

Not selling any services..

by Coach Todd's Wife

LOL...not selling any services just sharing information. It is hard to get good track information and since I really like this site I thought I would share. The site is FREE to anyone who uses it. We get nothing out of sharing the information with those who may be interested.

As for Coach Todd...he is an alumni of Helix, he attended Mesa College where he worked with Arnie Robinson before moving on. He coached High School there until we moved to Arizona. He is well respected by track coaches on many levels. We still have a lot of friends and family who live in San Diego so we follow track there as well as here.

So I apologize if you felt we were "selling" something...we are just avid track fans who wanted to share a useful tool with other track fans.

Chris, Larry said he will call you later this week. We have a BIG meet coming up and pracitce with the high school kids and the club team have him running all over. =)

Posted on Mar 20, 2010, 10:20 PM
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