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Coaches Poll Top 10 Teams 9 Oct 2017
1. Del Norte
2. Mt. Carmel
3. Sage Creek
4. La Costa Canyon
5. Grossmont
6. Scripps Ranch
7. Mission Hills
8. El Camino
9. Cathedral Catholic
10. Torrey Pines
1. La Costa Canyon
2. Canyon Crest
3. El Camino
4. University City
5. Rancho Bernardo
6. Scripps Ranch
7. Coronado
8. Cathedral Catholic
9. Torrey Pines
10. Steele Canyon
By Division Boys
D-I:  1. Mission Hills- 2. El Camino - 3. Torrey Pines
D-II: 1. Del Norte- 2. Mt. Carmel - 3. Grossmont
D-III 1. La Costa Canyon - 2. Cathedral - 3. University City
D-IV 1. Sage Creek - 2. Crawford - 3. Coronado
D-V  1. Francis Parker - 2. Julian - 3. Pacific Ridge
By Division Girls
D-I:  1. Canyon Crest- 2. El Camino - 3. Rancho Bernardo
D-II: 1. Scripps Ranch - 2. Steele Canyon - 3. Del Norte
D-III 1. La Costa Canyon - 2. University City - 3. Cathedral
D-IV 1. Coronado - 2. Sage Creek- 3. Valley Center
D-V  1. Francis Parker - 2. Santa Fe Christian- 3. Christian


Hoka 2-mile: See message from Gimi McCarthy below. Entry sheet to right.

All time marks Suggestion

by JC

HI everyone,
We have been using for nearly 11 years. It has made results easy for most of us. I was wondering if anyone has ever thought about uploading the old meets from 1960-2005 (I have uploaded a few off of George's Site) so that we can have a all time list. Some schools don't have time to sit and do school records top to bottom but uploading the CIF, League and some big invites like Mt. Carmel, Balboa Relays, Mustang, Jaguar, would be cool to get a more universal list.

Mean time i have some data and will use my spare time to get some of this done.

Anyone want have some data or files. send it my way

Posted on Jun 16, 2017, 6:17 PM
from IP address

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