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knives are dangerous too!

March 26 2012 at 11:47 AM
Griffin  (Login Harts-dilemma)
from IP address

Response to How can I win my friend from this debate

Were there guns involved in 9-11? Nope, just some box cutters.

What about the Bath massacre? Nope, that was three explosions.

There are many examples of massacres that do include guns, but to believe that removing guns from honest, law abiding citizens makes anywhere safer, is ignorant. Look at the types of guns that are brought in during the "gun buyback programs". Old, worthless and haven't been fired for who knows how many years. You don't see criminals bringing in their "tools of the trade". It's somebody who got an old revolver when their dad passed. If you ban guns all you do is make a criminal out of otherwise law abiding citizens (they're NOT taking my guns!).

Let's take it to the opposite extreme. Let's assume that EVERY citizen who was eligible to own a handgun, did. And they also carried it at all times and practiced with it at least once a week. First, you can logically assume that the number of firearm accidents would go up (because of the number of guns being handled would rise so much) but the number of accidents per capita would go down due to the increased familiarity of firearms. Second, crime rates WOULD go down. No remotely intelligent criminal would wander haphazardly into a Denny's or 7-11 and try to hold it up because they would know that whoever was behind the counter would be packin'. So would anybody else that was around. That's bad odds for the criminal and while some of them ARE that stupid, most aren't.

You need to understand that our right to bear arms is NOT to be able to protect ourselves from each other.The primary purpose of this is to protect ourselves from the government. We can talk about murder rates until we're blue in the face, but the average "massacre" doesn't compare to what people like Hussein, Hitler, Stalin, etc have done. These people can't do what they've done if the general populace is armed. I'm "ok" (please understand what I'm saying) with an occasional "massacre" if it means that we make sure a true massacre or holocaust doesn't happen. Losing 20 to some idiot sucks, but losing 2,000,000 to some lunatic is far worse.

I love what Dan said in an above post! If you're friend tries to run with the idea that the founding fathers are old white guys with slaves, then point him towards Clarence Thomas' ruling on McDonald vs. Chicago. Of course, Thomas' is a relative conservative so he must be white on the inside happy.gif

Bottom line, you can not legislate morality. Period.

Sorry for the vent

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