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My 308 Condor

August 18 2011 at 9:36 PM
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from IP address

Here's my Condor I got from R&L airguns. 308 caliber and I've put a 68/4500 paintball tank on it with a EtacHPA.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

So far I've managed to get 40 shots on low with 52 grain bullet staying between 840fps-860fps-840fps for 20 shots and turning the power wheel up to get a total of 40 shots and saying between 840 and 860fps on a 2700psi fill down to 1800psi.

On high power the 52 grain is making 122fpe for 24 shots and a 124grain is making 183fpe for 19 shots.

I'm still in the process of tuning it and finding the right combination of top hat setting and power wheel setting.

I'm really enjoying this gun!!

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Re: My 308 Condor

August 18 2011, 9:47 PM 

sounds good but how is the accuracy

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hole in hole

August 18 2011, 10:13 PM 

couple hundred so far in the same hole from 10 feet :P

I'll be ready to do some accuracy shooting this weekend.

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(Login wishbone0492)

What a Beauty......

August 19 2011, 10:29 AM 

Man that rifle was worth the wait! It sure did turn out nice. If I didn't already have the 9mm and the 25cal I would get one of those. Have fun this weekend.


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Thanks Kevin!! nt

August 19 2011, 10:57 AM 

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(Login archer280)

Dude that looks awsumeee!

August 19 2011, 10:45 AM 

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Thank Robert!

August 19 2011, 10:53 AM 

I made the tank cover for the 68/4500 Carbon Fiber paintball tank out of Cordura and neoprene. It was the last piece of material I had left from making a water proof jacket for stalking hogs and gun chaps for for my 223 Bushmaster.

This material is great!! 10x the tear resistance of canvas and half the weight.

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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(Login Jawbreaker38)

Sweet set-up,

August 19 2011, 1:07 PM 

Is that an Oneida bow? Lever bows are pure class and the king of the water for bow fishing.

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Love my Oneida

August 19 2011, 2:29 PM 

It's an Extreme Eagle, #24 out of 250. Just a smooth pulling and smooth shooting bow. I have it at #60 and it feels like #40.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

New lever bows are being release by 5150 bows and Gulf Coast Archery. They are going to be sweet!! New cam design, all fast flight string and no steel cables. The timing cable is hidden in the riser. Be sure and take a look at the last picture and the new aluminum limbs.

I'll be upgrading my cams to their new models pretty soon.

The fishing bow called the Angler is already out.
[linked image]

Two other bows are releasing soon.
link to thread...
[linked image]

The top bow in this picture is the Conspiracy and the bottom is the hunting version which is almost the same as the Angler called the Invasion.

You can see the new Cams and limbs here...
[linked image]

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(Login ellobo1249)

Re: Love my Oneida

September 14 2011, 6:16 PM 

I shot one of these years ago out of a tree at a sharp downward angle. Careful, careful! Upon release of the string, that lower limb will snap foreward and hammer your right leg (if you're rt. handed) just above your knee, damn near breaking your leg.

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Didn't know u were a

August 19 2011, 11:39 AM 

seamstress and sooner or later you are going to cut off your finger tip with those fixed blade broad heads if you shoot with your hand open like that! It's not shrouded thought that was the hole reason for a talon,condom,or what ever it is ? What barrel do they use ? PSMAII

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(Login tworr)

I learned to sew...

August 19 2011, 12:03 PM 

I would rather know how to do it and get it done instead of waiting on my wife to NOT make something I needed made.

Barrels are 26" LW barrels with 1 in 16" twist from what I understand.

I do just fine shooting and not strangling my grip thank you!

Moderator in production.

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No riser choking here buddy

August 19 2011, 12:23 PM 

I have finger tip dimples machined into all 3 of my risers to control that and you know this . When will you green up your gun ?

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Seamster ? dressman ? HA HA HA . All looks good .

August 19 2011, 12:05 PM 

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(Login Tofazfou)

Nice Condor. Yet another barrel twist rate I'm

August 19 2011, 12:38 PM 

interested in seeing group. Been very interested in the LW barrels but never see anything about them in 308. So please post results.


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this weekend

August 19 2011, 2:38 PM 

I should have information on these bullets from BHD.
[linked image]

Here's you can see the room I have with the Etac. I removed the head on the spring seat for extra room.
[linked image]

Here's what I gain from using the 68/4500 Carbon Fiber tank. At 3000psi is more than twice the CF of air from the AF 490cc tank,

68 cubic inch = 1,114.320352 cubic centimeter of water volume.

Pressure unit equal to 14.7
1 Cubic Foot = 1728 Cubic Inches

68x3000/14.7 = 13877 ci / 1728 = 8.03 CF = 227,384.278 cc

68x4500/14.7 - 20816 ci / 1728 = 12.05 CF = 341,218.001 cc


Standard Condor tank is 490 CC
29.90ci x 3000/14.7 = 6102.04 ci /1728 = 3.53 CF = 99,958.468 cc

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(Login Tofazfou)

Definitely big gaines in the volume of that 68 ci tank

August 20 2011, 1:25 PM 

At those levels and the sheer number of shoots you gain over standard air tubes, man, you should be able to put up some consistent big bore numbers. That's one of the cool thing about the Air Force line of guns, they lend themselves to heavy modifications and that 308 set-up is no exception.

I'll be eagerly awaiting your results also. Have fun shooting.......WOHOOOO!


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(Login kennisondan)

reading this with great interest..

September 3 2011, 10:46 PM 

the big bore air guns are a whole different world.. I am going to have to start used most likely but I am glad that other calibers than the 45 are being worked with more efficiently it seems than in its infancy.. I love all calibers, just felt like a 32 or 30 cal should be a good bullet..
I know the 44 and 45 and 50 are good at slow speeds having all you want in power.. to anchor game.
I am looking forward to seeing what else shakes out ... the air force might be another wonderful platform.. cerainly looks like it to me from here..
r and L ? interesting will try to go there now.


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