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BUY IT NOW !! figure I will post my 22 FX Royale here, too..

March 12 2012 at 11:28 PM
  (Login kennisondan)
from IP address

hate to say perfect ... so 99 percent wood and metal... no issues.. 3000 psi fill and blaze some 22 18.1gr. jsb's over 900 fps if you like...power adjusts at rear of breech with a hex head..
over 60 consistent shots per fill at really high power, and more if you want to crank it down some.. (yea I know.. we don't need no stinkin crankin down.. lol) just sayin'

gun uses an eight shot magazine; they go for a mere 100 bucks a peice.. for the members here.. you get two with the gun... one comes with it and the other is just a one month old 100 dollar gift to the buyer.

likes all pellets but I like to smack smallish critters with the 18.1grainers.. you can hear the plop loudly; shoots where it points over and over... trigger adjusted kind of light but fully adjustable if you do not like that.

reason for selling...
I don't know.. somebody stop me !! $1450 dollars american shipped conus..
your choice : double boxed or carefully put into foam in plastic protective gun case..
no extra charge for my peeps here ...

if you buy it and you ask me to I will throw in a third brand new magazine, another hundred dollar gimme..
serious ?? email for pics.. at this price you could buy it try it out and sell it for as much or more than you paid for it.. but you won't..



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(Login kennisondan)

thank you all .. it is sold and another gun is coming.. nt

March 16 2012, 12:31 AM 


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Current Topic - BUY IT NOW !! figure I will post my 22 FX Royale here, too..
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