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I have the last verson Dragon Slayer and wonder why only the soft cast bullets work in it.

April 5 2012 at 10:37 PM

  (Login crosman140)
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I have tried hard cast bullets but am afraid the cocking handle will break off seating them. Is it because the custom big bores like the Quackinbush and others are built stronger? Saboted bullets are to long to fit in the chamber and would be hard cast anyway. What distance are the Dragon Slayers accurate?

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I found the DragonSlayer an extremely accurate .50.....

April 5 2012, 10:51 PM just lacked a little power compared to other guns that were available.

I remember hitting a springhare in South Africa at night with one......a very accurate rifle! We were using roundball, I believe.


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(Login sniperdad69)

A few points for you.

April 5 2012, 11:03 PM 

The Dragon Slayer is a great gun, very accurate, but hot enough power for the bore size.

It was designed for round ball, and chambered for RB. the Slugs are a lot longer than the rb, and this means the bullet gets tight before the lever closes all the way.

Hard Cast bullets are not good for airguns, as they create too much friction in the barrel. The airgun has WAY less force than a Powder burner, and the soft Lead will cut from the Rifling way better.

Bob Vogal has a 220gr HP that fits the DS well. it is short, and fits the chamber well. he made a light bullet (+-175gr HB) but it does not work as the Hollow Back does not load correctly with the bolt in the DS.

The DS is accurate out to 100yards, but you are limited when using RB, if you get the 220HP, it will increase your range, but you still have a very loopy trajectory as the DS shoots slowly.

Good luck with it, they are fun to shoot, especially Treerats.
[linked image]

Cheers, David.

Big Bores.
More than just a way of life.
It's not a sickness, I can quit anytime I want.
I just don't want to.
Besides, they aren't big enough yet.

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(Login crosman140)

I have used Bob's 220 Grain ammo and it is the most accurate cast ammo I have found.

April 5 2012, 11:30 PM 

I have also used Bob's light hollow base ammo, it chambered very easy and was not accurate. So far the .495 Hornady and Buffalo Bullet work the best with the Buffalo Bullet the most accurate ball ammo. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, very informative.

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(Login BlackHogDown)

I have something you can try.

April 6 2012, 12:05 AM 

Haven't worked with the Dragon Slayer much.
Their popularity dropped of pretty quick.

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(Login zepeteus)

Re: I have something you can try.

April 6 2012, 6:02 AM 

I don't have Dragon Slayer, but isn't lack of power the cause of gun built of 22 and 25 caliber platform? Isn't Dragon Slayer the same as Infinity? Hammer and air passages are tiny and hammer travel short...

Round ball seems good and those short bullets with driving bands. I believe Seth is referring to those later ones.

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(Login Tofazfou)

YES, the gun is based on the small bore calibers.

April 6 2012, 8:29 PM 

Although it lacks the power of other modern big's a tack driver at short ranges.

Still a fun little gun. A 24" barrel would have been beneficial on this gun to a degree. I really like it more in 454 cal and i'm sure a 308-375-40 cal barrel swap would be even more fun.

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(Login manny6666)

Would love to find one to convert to .357

April 7 2012, 7:41 PM 

Dragon Claw .500
DAQ Outlaw .452
Career 707 Ultra "Black Mamba" .357 "Tuned"
Career 707 Ultra .357
Career 707 III Carbine .25
Sumatra Rifle .25
Sumatra Carbine .25 "Tuned"
Career 707 II .22
Sumatra Carbine .22
AR6 Pistol .22
Walther Talon NP .25
Trail NP XL .22 "Tuned"
RWS 34 .22
Nitro Venom .22
Hunter Sport .177 "Tuned"
Hunter 220 .177

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