Macedonia for the Macedonians and Skopje for the SlavoSkopians!

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July 25 2005 at 10:07 PM
Istor the Macedonian  (Login istor)

One of the SlavoSkopian favorable arguments against Macedonians’ Greekness are Demosthenes’ speeches. He said to Athenians that Philip, King of Macedonia, Alexander’s father, was barbarian and that Macedonia was an unworthy region.

Demosthenes was an orator, that is a politician (and/or lawyer), leader of the anti-Macedonian party of Athens. He loved Athens and he wanted the city to dominate again over Greeks. He wasn’t Philhellene ( ). As a politician he could say any LIE to make his ideas be adopted by Athenians.

Politicians’ words are to be believed if they are good words for their political enemies or bad words for their friends. Demosthenes said just bad words for his enemies; this was and is a common practice.

But: Demosthenes visited Pella, capital of Macedonia, at least twice, as an Athenian delegate to negotiate with Macedonians. The trips at those times were long due to the means of the era. So, he walked out on the streets of Pella and talked to the people around. He heard Macedonians talking each other. He heard Macedonian speech. Well, he NOWHERE said that he couldn’t understand Macedonian or that Macedonian wasn’t a Greek dialect! But, wasn’t this the very first thing that a clever man like him would say to the Athenian people if he wanted to make them follow his ideas?? Well, he didn’t do such a thing. Despite he was a politician, he couldn’t say such OBVIOUS LIES to the people around. At that time, Athenians had read Herodotus and knew that Macedonians spoke a Greek dialect.

Further, he used the word barbarian under its humiliating meaning. After older times, Greeks used that word to humiliate each other. The meaning of the word wasn’t just non-Greek. It meant also a not civilized Greek.

At the same time there were in Athens other orators who were Philhellenes, that is in favor of Macedonians. Issocrates and Aeschines. They knew that Macedonians were a different tribe but they were sure that they were Greek. Otherwise they couldn’t call them to get the leadership of the campaign against Persians to punish them for the damages they made against Greeks.

Gligorof, former President of FYROM said some time that “we are Macedonians but we are not related to ancient Macedonians, we are Slav Macedonians”. It was a bad word for his friends. So it is true.
Then, I would say, SlavoSkopians shall adopt a proper name, a name that distinguishes them from us Macedonians: SlavoMacedonians, SlavoSkopians, Novomacedonians, Gornomacedonians, Maketians……...

SlavoSkopians and all World shall respect our tribal Macedonian name.

Macedonians were always Greeks

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Macedonian, therefore Greek
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