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All SlavoSkopian heroes clearly stated that they were Bulgarians.

September 9 2005 at 12:32 AM
Istor the Macedonian  (Login istor)
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All references in this article are for fair use ONLY !!

In this article, the term Macedonian has its proper meaning that was and is “Greek from Macedonia” and the term Macedonia refers to the land from Pindus to Strymon and from Olympus to Ohrid-Gevgelja line. Skopje never was in Macedonia.
I use the term SlavoSkopian for the Slavic inhabitants of FYROM who want to pass as Macedonian. There is nothing Macedonian on them. I cannot call them Macedonians because I call Macedonian my Greek clan the last 3000 years. The whole World, including SlavoSkopians have to respect this name of my clan.

SlavoSkopians as any nation on Earth, honour some heroes who fought for SlavoSkopian “independence”. All those heroes clearly stated that they were Bulgarians:

1. Goce Delcev:
„...Defections and split-ups should not scare you at all. It is regrettable, indeed, but what is to be done if WE ARE BULGARIANS and we all suffer from the same disease! If this desease were not inherent in our ancestors from whom we also inherited it, we would have never fallen under the ugly sceptre of the Turkish sultans..."
letter from Goce Delchev (great hero and fighter for the freedom of Bulgarians in Macedonia) to Nikola Malashevski, Jan. 5 1899

2. Dame Gruev:

" Considering the critical and terrible situation that the Bulgarian
population of the Bitola Vilayet found itself in and following the ravages and cruelties done by the Turkish troops and irregulars, ... considering the fact that everything Bulgarian runs the risk of perishing and disappearing without a trace because of violence, hunger, and the upcoming misery, the Head Quarters finds it to be its obligation to draw the attention of the respected Bulgarian government to the pernicious consequences vis-a-vis the Bulgarian nation, in case the latter does not fulfill its duty towards its brethren of race here in an imposing fashion which is necessary by virtue of the present ordeal for the common Bulgarian Fatherland...

...Being in command of our people's movement, we appeal to you on behalf of the enslaved Bulgarian to help him in the most effective way - by waging war.We believe that the response of the people in free Bulgaria will be the same.

... No bulgarian school is opened, neither will it be opened... Nobody
thinks of education when he is outlawed by the state because he bears the name Bulgar...

Waiting for your patriotic intervention, we are pleased to inform you that we have in our disposition the armed forces we have spared by now.

The Head Quarters of the Ilinden Uprising"


This memorandum was handed to Dr.Kozhuharov, the Bulgarian consul in Bitola, and transmitted by him to the government in Sofia with report N441 from September 17th, 1903. "

3. Kuzman Shapkarev:

"But even stranger is the name Macedonians, which was imposed on us only 10 to 15 years ago by outsiders, and not as something by our own
intellectuals... Yet the people in Macedonia know nothing of that ancient name, reintroduced today with a cunning aim on the one hand and a stupid one on the other. They know the older word: "Bugari", although mispronounced: they have even adopted it as peculiarly theirs, inapplicable to other Bulgarians. You can find more about this in the introduction to the booklets I am sending you. They call their own Macedono-Bulgarian dialect the "Bugarski language", while the rest of the Bulgarian dialects they refer to as the "Shopski language". (Makedonski pregled, IX, 2, 1934, p. 55; the original letter is kept in the Marin Drinov Museum in Sofia, and it is available for examination and study)

4. Vancho Mihilov:

5. Krste Misirkov:

"Bulgaria's greatest sin towards the Bulgarian national cause was to agree to the "neutral status" of this territory. It is purely Bulgarian one... The population of Skopje and of Skopje district is pure Bulgarian... I wrote to I. Guchkov about macedonian affairs... because we, THE MACEDONIAN BULGARIANS, would like to trust that Russia will not be unfair in our respect".

'' Many people will wonder, he wrote in his book on Macedonian Matters
(1903), what national fragmentation we are talking about. Can we be
thinking of creating a new, Macedonian ethnicity? That would be a
fictitious thing and would not last a day. What kind of macedonian
ethnicity is this, when our fathers, our grandfathers, and our great
grandfathers were called Bulgarians?... There have always been two
nationalities in Macedonia; the Bulgarians and the Serbs. A Slavomacedonian rebirth is an empty dream of star gazers who have no idea of the Southern Slavs history."

He waves away these objections with the simple argument: but what does not exist can be created, if the historical circumstances call for it".


"Our fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers have ALWAYS been called BULGARIANS"
[Misirkov Krste, "On Macedonian matters", Skopje:Macedonian review
editions, 1974, p.27]

[Misirkov Krste, "On Macedonian matters", Skopje:Macedonian review
editions, 1974, p.150]

And: An English translation is here:

6. Nikola Karev.

His brother Georgi was Bulgarian and was sentenced to five years in prison as a "collaborator of the Bulgarian fascist occupiers" and after serving the sentence was killed in Tito's Idrizovo prison. He clearly stated that "ancient Macedonians were Greeks" in that famous interview to Acropolis newspaper:

7. Miladinov brothers.

Generations of SlavoSkopian people IGNORE that Miladinov brothers had published their book of popular songs at 1861 in Zagreb entitled “Bulgarski narodni pesni” (=Bulgarian popular songs). SlavoSkopian propaganda erased the word “Bulgarski” from the title in SlavoSkopian edition of the book.
SlavoSkopian people deny the publication of the book under its original title:
SlavoSkopian society is deeply sick by Tito’s propaganda. They need us to learn the truth and leave the Underground.

Yane Sandanski:

Todor Alexandroff:

Did I forget any hero??
Apparently all SlavoSkopian heroes were “traitors” of Bulgarian nation !!

Ethnic Macedonians were always Greeks

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