Because Warner Charlie DaTuna keeps spreading lies...

June 16 2006 at 6:16 PM

Steve in CT  (Premier Login q1q)

Here is emails I got from Gene Sunday a well respected and honorable tuner amongst us. This is Who Tuna is in Gene's words, not mine.

This is an email I got from Gene and with his permision is posted here:

I have no ties to Charlie at all. He actually conned me out of a ton of info and private hard earned data and plastered it all over the forums without my permission a couple of years ago.
As far as smart goes I never claimed intelligence.

Had I been very smart I would never had started that venture. Then I had the audacity to think that if I helped people like Bob Werner (and several others) I was doing the airgun community a favor. In fact all I was doing was cutting my own throat.
All that said, If you don't allow the rhetoric then you force people to take sides.
If people are allowed to excercise the freedom to sort it out then eventually the cream rises and the **** drops to the bottom.

If you'll notice I don't toot my own horn. I don't won't recognition. I've had it with the airgun business.
What I do want is for the truth to come out. It won't do that if the discussion is supressed.

Like I said, It's your forum.
I don't have any alliances one way or the other but in the end if you have the appearance of covering up then you'll force people to take a side even if it's wrong.
As you well know that alliance will probably swing in the direction of the biggest bull****ter. Most uninitiated people think because someone puts a bunch of self help info out there it must be right and the person that put it there must be a great guy.

Even if 95% of that info is utter bunk.

I completely understand your frustration with Werner.
I spent countless hours upon hours on the phone and through email answering his questions under the pretense that he was trying to tune his own guns because he couldn't afford to have someone do it. He presented himself to me as a old sick man with limited years left that was just trying to get the most out a newfound hobby.

Bob did this to many people. He gleaned info under the same pretense from anybody that would provide it then all of a sudden he had a site up and was a self proclaimed airgun guru.

Of course since he was cutting my prices by half, my chinese tuning fell by 75%.

It wasn't that big a deal because frankly I was tired of a couple of years of trying to correct the terrible quality control issues with these guns. Sometimes I would have to return seven out of ten guns because of part defects or shoddy machine work.
I just wrote it off as a lesson learned.

Feel free to use any correspondence from me any way you see fit as long as the related issues are substantiated.


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