My youngest got jumped the other night.

September 13 2006 at 11:48 PM
Russell Best  (Login RBest)

My 24 yr old son got jumped by 4 mexicans outside a bar the other night and got 2 teeth kicked out and a broken nose. What blew me away on this is that he's ex-army (got out a year and a half ago) and is a very fit 6' tall and 200 lbs. He works out 4 times a week with weights and aerobics, but the 4 that assaulted him blind sided him as he walked out of the bar. It's a good thing his buddy walked out the door just 10 seconds later or it would have been a lot worse. At any rate, as soon as his buddy swung into action, the 4 figured the odds weren't in their favor anymore and they jumped in their 'coche' and booked. My son got their plate number and car description and withing 5 minutes the cops had all four of them in custody...15 cops chased them down then cornered them! OK- take a guess... they were illegals! It looks like about all that's gonna happen is the 4 will get deported after doing several thousand dollars damage to my sons face. They'll probably skip back over the border a week after they're sent back. Pisses me off royally. My son will be seeing a maxillo-facial surgeon on Friday because some of the bone under his nose (where his teeth used to be) got splintered up and that needs to be fixed; then he's to be fitted with a partial plate as his teeth couldn't be saved in the ER that night. The weird thing is -- this was totally random. My son didn't know these guys nor did he ever exchange any words with them. RB

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