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Photobucket Tutorial available again.

October 15 2011 at 1:23 AM

Brushy Bill  (Login BrushyBill)

Step one; Have photos stored in a convenient place on your computer
so you can find them easily. Preferably in the same folder.

Step two; Open and log into your photobucket account.
Click (left click) on "My Album" button.
Press (left click) the "Upload Now" button.
[linked image]

You should see this screen.
[linked image]

Please note that you have upload options. These settings
determine how large the photos are when you post them.
If you have the free account on photobucket, choose the
medium or large. (you may have to do a test post to determine
which one suits your taste) The screen capture below shows what
the Pro account options are.

[linked image]

Once you choose your upload option options. There is no need to
resize your photos before uploading them using these options.
Press (left click) the "Select photos and videos" button.

You will then see a window open that you will use to locate the
folder on your computer where you have the photos stored.
The screen will look like this.

[linked image]

You can select several photos to upload at the same time by
pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key and left clicking on the
photos you wish to upload. For a single photo, simply select
that photo. Then press (left click) "Open" button.

[linked image]

At this time you should see this screen, patiently wait
while your photos upload.

[linked image]

Once the upload is complete,press (left click) the "Save and
continue to my album" option shown here.

[linked image]

Once you return to your folder, hold cursor over the photo you wish
to post. You will see a set of links appear below the photo.
Select the "Direct Link". On my computer when I left click that
link, it automatically copies it. Yours may just highlight it.
If that is the case right click and select "copy" or use the
Ctrl key + c to copy the link.

[linked image]

This is the link you will paste into your post on the yellow

The link will appear like this.

[linked image]

As you are typing your post, at anytime you can use the
"preview" option at the bottom of the post to see what
the post will look like.

[linked image]

This is my test post.

[linked image]

You may then either select to continue to edit the post, or
post it.

If you are posting multiple photos in your post. I usually
minimize the photobucket page and go back and forth and
select the links I need for the photos I want to post.

This post was done in Notepad. I did my text and
pasted the links in the text instead of opening
a post on the yellow and going back and forth.

This may be useful for the great hunting and competition
post some of our members do. I simply copied all the text
in my notebook document and pasted it in the yellow post.

[linked image]

The results are what you see.
Hope this helps and was not too mind numbing.

If you still need help, contact me via e-mail and
I will make arrangements to walk you through it on
the phone.

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