Grandma and George never worked at the

March 14 2012 at 12:38 PM

BBGun Bob  (Login reschlund)

Response to That makes for a great conspiracy theory, Bob!

R&E Center either.
In 1984 there were 4400 engineer's at R&E alone,each in there own specialty and spread out amoungst 42 buildings and 5 off site pilot plants.
I would not put this in writing if it were not true.There are many hidden/secret garages at the Research Center. Many scientists were brought in from the outside for these experiments and left the company when the project was either completed or they ended the program do to cost over runs or failure(the turbines in cars).
This work was done in three that I know of different places,the Gas Turbine lab,the Fuel Systems lab and Scientific lab,all had hidden garages and still do.
Ask your relatives if they ever heard of the "Wave Engine"(a relative of a wankle sort of) or seen the automobiles (17 of them) equipped with a small gas turbine engines in them?I'll bet they say "Never"
Being a Prototype Experimental welder with aircraft cert. I was called on to see and repair many of these ghost vehicles and even rode in a few.
Something I will cherish forever ..

Conspiracy ?? YEP,,,,
If you say so,you probably love Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory' on TV too.

And think about this SIR:
Why would I waste my time even writing about this if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

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BBGun Bob
S.E. Michigan

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