Finally picked up a tenor

March 30 2012 at 8:37 PM
Harvey  (Login eureeka)

sAx that is. Yanagisawa T880. Serial number dates it to 1984. It was a donation to a local school by someone who obviously knew horns because they (Yani's) are known as some of the best horns ever made. But as usual, who knows how many kids played and abused it because it was "the school's horn" and didn't know what they had.

Well the last kid dropped it hard on its bow and the band teacher took it to my tech to either have it fixed or traded on something which worked. He knew what it was and made a trade on an intermediate/student model and took the Yanagisawa. When I showed up he showed me the horn and we struck an "about this much" price, Then I waited on him to get the necessary parts and work out the dent(!). This deal started well before Christmas and he waited on Conn Selmer to get a proper bow guard out to him. In the mean time he went through his stash of old parts horns and found a student line King tenor he'd already parted into. He took the matching bow guard, put it on this Yani and called me up.

I didn't notice it before but someone had used a same-era mouthpiece made by Martin. A friend informed me that by this time Yanagisawa was stenciling their own horns as the last of the Martins. The mouthpiece was actually one of theirs. And I'd picked up a new Yanagisawa mouthpiece for this horn. I didn't know about the Martin connection until after I talked my friend this evening.

I have to say, this is one comfortable playing tenor. The keywork, the regulation... really nice tone.

I know no one really cares about saxes but I felt like some of you musicians around here could relate to another musician finding that special instrument we're always on the hunt for.


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