Take care of yourselves, guys...

April 1 2012 at 4:23 AM
Victor3  (Login Victor3)

In the past two years, in just one department of ~65 machinists at my company, we've had three guys have heart attacks (one just last week that was fatal, at 54 years old), two strokes (one fatal) and two die of cancer. Oldest guy in this group was 64, youngest was 51. We've also got four diabetics in the dept and it's getting to the point where I'm surprised when I find out someone DOESN'T have high BP.

I've lost count of the people I've worked with who've died or been hit with major medical problems in the past six years I've been at my job (a facility with ~1000 employees). Seems like every time I turn around lately someone says, "Did you hear about.....? He's in the hospital."

Do what you can for yourself to not become a statistic before your time, especially if you have family depending on you. I've seen too many tragedies.

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