Looks bad to me....

April 5 2012 at 3:52 AM
huntinguy  (Login huntinguy)

Response to Question about loaning a car to someone with a suspended license.

Found some information for you. Best that could happen would be your dad on the hook for several thousand dollars. The worst Not hard to figure Got room at your place for him?


"TIP: ... If they are involved in an accident, you could be sued, be forced to pay for the cost of the accident, or face criminal charges. If someone who is borrowing your car gets in an accident and you are sued, contact an experienced auto accident attorney to help understand your liability.

Frequent Borrowers
... If someone else starts driving your car on a regular basis (more than just occasionally) contact your insurance company and have them added to your policy. Be aware that adding someone to your insurance policy can change your rates.

If your insurer finds out that you are no longer the primary driver, or that you are insuring a car for someone else to drive, they may deny your car insurance claim based on you providing false information at the time of your application "

California code.

Use of a Vehicle by an Unlicensed Driver: Owner's Duty

Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked

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