Resumes [CVs or Curricula Vitae] are my stock in trade

April 7 2012 at 6:09 PM

Door Gunner  (Login buzzardslunch)

Response to Resume

I am a headhunter. Been doing it almost 20 years, now. I [re] write peoples' CVs all the time.
I have particular prejudices, and very personal opinions on the subject of CV's, [and i dont care if you agree with them].
I am dedicated in recruiting in a very small niche of a certain skill set, in a very particular profession.
[I seldom use unsolicited CVs. If I want your CV to present to a client, I will research you and contact you and ask for it].
Cvs dont get you a job. If they work, they get you an interview for a job.

I tailor CVs to my clients prejudices. My clients are very senior, very busy and quickly annoyed by time wasters and irrelevant BS.
All the CVs i submit, i edit down to one page. Page and half tops. Anything longer creates the immediate impression without reading it that
the person is too old, [too long a career] a job hopper, or the CV is laden w/ fluff. like the nonsense cliches quoted in the 1st post.
I gut that stuff completely. Sometimes a one paragraph/ half page cover letter written by the candidate, if especially salient or well written will also be included.
The formatting is very plain. Personal particulars are bare bones. As are degrees earned or other professional qualifications. Just the facts, no embellishments.
Jobs are listed in reverse order. latest listed first. dates of service, Company, location, corporate title and functional title.
w/ each A VERY brief description of day to day activities, client/industry sector coverage & and product specialties, and little else.

I believe in and use the CV as a come-on, a sales tool/ teaser designed to secure the 1st interview. Not the job.
My strategy is to create the idea in the potential employer "oh i have to meet this guy, he looks very qualified, but i want to know more about him".
The interview is when a candidate gets to establish a personal rapport [in the 1st 90 seconds of the interview or FAIL] and tell his life story.
[Because you have created an interest in the person doing the interview, to know more].
Busy folks never get to page 2 anyway, except as a fast scan, & in the jobs i fill, nobody has time or interest in 20 yrs prior high school hobbies/heroics.
I only include pictures if the photos show a very good looking person. Otherwise they are a negative.

If I flood the client with 5 pages of irrelevant detail, first of all he's annoyed having to wade through the fluff and worse may think he
doesn't need to meet the person, because he already knows all he needs to know. and Nobody gets hired without an interview.

Establish a real personal rapport in the first 90 seconds of the interview and you will get all the time you need to tell your fascinating life story or impress with your wit & wisdom.
Fail to do that and the interview seldom lasts more than half hour. Less qualified candidates [on paper] are often hired as first choice on the basis
of a having established a good personal rapport in the 1st 90 seconds of the interview, overcoming many deal-breaker type experiential shortcomings,
on the basis of personality alone. [REAL People Skills]. Fail to establish that rapport, and no matter how technically qualified you are, you will never be 1st choice.
And i do check the references, very carefully, of any successful candidate, after they have accepted any offer. Occasionally that blows them up. Better them than me.

PS, Ladies, before you start nit pickin', Curricula Vitae or perhaps more correctly, Curricula Vitarum is the correct plural form of Curriculum Vitae

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