This is purely surmise, but

April 8 2012 at 8:15 PM

Door Gunner  (Login buzzardslunch)

Response to If I don't make it, it will be final at least for me...

These folks have been interviewing to fill the position for a while. Especially if it is a mom & pop they have tried to fill the position w/out paying recruiters to help.
Sometimes they are miffed by how much $ folks they weren't much impressed w/ been asking for pay, before they seek recruiters help.

Often somebody's boss says "Surely some bright kid can do that job, and a heck of a lot cheaper!"
And this observation may or may not be true.
And sometimes good kids get setup to fail cause they cant handle, and sometimes they make the stretch and score, &/or get taken advantage of.
And sometimes recruiters send kids in to prove to the boss he IS gonna have to pay that much, or pay peanuts expect monkeys.

i got no idea of course, just wild speculation as you gave me zilch detail...

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