Mark, when I log on to PB.....

April 14 2012 at 12:09 AM
Hal  (Login tracer69)

Response to Hal, I get what you're trying to do, so here goes...

...I DO NOT have a header that reads "Home", "Albums", "Explore", and "Upload".

What I have on my 23" monitor screen is a window 3" wide and 5" high, with the following in it: (Items in quotes are "click-ons")

On the top of this window are "Images" and "My Albums".

Below that is a small window with "Search" to the side.

Below that is "My User Name", "Help", and "Logout".

Below that is "Album": and a window with my user name and a 'down' arrow.

Below that is a blank window, then "Browse" and "Upload".

Below that are 2 rows of 3 thumbnail pictures each, which are from the 120 pictures stored on my PB Album.

Below that are left & right scrolling arrows for bringing up 6 new thumbnail pictures from my PB Album.

Below that is a HTMY window, which I use for copying and pasting the selected thumbnail picture that I downloaded from my Computer Album (or selected from my PB Album) onto the Forum Post.

Below that is "View Album" and "Slideshow".

ALL THE ABOVE is contained in that 3" x 5" window, which I have been using for years to transfer Computer pictures to PhotoBucket until it recently quit.

HA I can confuse YOU guys!


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