Paradise, it's not. We have things that bite and

April 16 2012 at 9:24 AM
Mike in Maryville  (Login shooter58)

Response to Bugs bad there?

sting and humidity can be high in summer. Bug repellent goes a long way toward resolving the insect problem. I used to live near the Okefenokee swamp, there you have SWARMS of biting, stinging insects. We have mainly mosquitos here, with chiggers in some areas... they're a treat, if you've never had a chigger. Bug repellent..... it works.

People come here on vacation in the fall when it's really beautiful... ideal weather, few insects, and colorful trees. That hooks 'em. If you want to really consider moving here to retire, then come for the worst of what the area has to offer... hate bugs and humidity ? Come in August. Hate snow and cold ? Try January, it gets cold for a few days and might snow some, but we don't really have a bad winter, usually.

If the worst we have to offer is bearable, you'll love the good bits. If you have an outdoor activity that you enjoy, you can probably find it here....

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