I would prefer a little further north in the Appalacians

April 16 2012 at 4:23 PM

David Enoch  (Login DavidEnoch)

Response to Bugs bad there?

We have spent several vacations in the Smokies and I love it there. Like someone else said, it will be humid there but that is offset to me by overwhelmingly lush greenery, mountain streams, and green mountains. I think I like the mountains further north than Chattanooga myself. I would look further north in Tennessee or Kentucky.

Every time I have been up there I always start thinking about how I could make a living there. Of course, I do the same in lots of pretty places.

Someone mentioned the Northwest. I really love it up there too. That might be less culture shock for you guys but I think property will be a lot more expensive.

I expect where we retire to will be decided by where our children live. If I was going to move somewhere new I would do it as soon as possible so that we can develop close bonds and feel at home as we get older.

David Enoch


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