Often emotional sense guides us to determine what happened.

April 19 2012 at 7:26 PM
Phil  (Login Duane30)

Response to The dog was just standing his ground

Murder is murder (requires a series of elements before such an act can be determined such). Homicide is not murder necessarily. Accidental homicide is not murder. Manslaughter isn't even murder.

Sadly, in some situations, animals aren't afforded civil liberties like us humans. Dogs aren't permitted to stand their ground like us humans.

Honestly, I doubt the dog was going to attack in the sense of what an attack is. The officer didn't know that, but the owner did, I'm sure. At this point, post shooting, it is a matter of what the officer felt and used his discretion based on that.

Like I said, civil case would be an easy win.

It is amazing that departments in metropolitan areas do not under training to handle dogs. Most do not - it is a new field of study in law enforcement. I have undergone the training. First rule we have been taught when the access to ANY fenced yard is to scope it out for animals first. Just like room entry, every precaution has to be taken to ensure officer safety to the max.

"The majority of things in our lives are created by folks no smarter than the rest. Afterall, the world is comprised, and operated by C average people intellctually, academically, and morally. These people are often the great pioneers that set the precedent for what excellence should be."

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