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April 26 2012 at 8:00 PM
Harvey  (Login eureeka)

Response to Read the book the China Study and...

There appears to be a large gap in the vegan/vegetarian diet. And it ought to be obvious, to of all groups, one that hunts like we do. Or should anyway.

They talk about getting away from meat protein. That diseaes are linked to animal fats and proteins. I don't buy it and here's why:

Take a look at the meat from animals you've hunted or fished yourselves. The meat will look lean.

Take a look at the meat from farmed animals. There are unnatural deposits of fats within the meat in places where it shouldn't be. Some "chefs" are calling this kind of farmed meat "marbalized".

Any animal which lives in conditions where fat deposits actually become distributed throughout the flesh because of unnatural diet and sedentary sequestering will NOT be healthy to eat. If the animal cannot process what it's given, how can we, who are also animals, expect our own bodies to naturally process the same deposits?

Y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if I read that butter has some kind of corn additive in it.


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